8 Books To Add To Your July Reading List

The weather is heating up…and so are my books! I don’t know what exactly it is about the summer, but it really makes me crave great fiction. This month, we’re adding some more sizzle to your reading list.

  1. The Posy Book: Garden-Inspired Bouquets That Tell a Story by Teresa H. Sabankaya: Surprise, Team GG loves flowers! JK, if you’ve ever taken a look at our Instagram, you’d see that we are kind of addicted to gorgeous flowers. I personally adore flowers, but I have no idea what makes for a “pretty” floral arrangement. The Posy Book breaks down everything from a history of floral arrangements to “recipes” for when words aren’t enough. The images in the book alone will leave you inspired to create something pretty.
  2. Be The Change: A Toolkit for the Activist in You by Gina Martin: I have to admit that author Gina Martin often reminded me that this is not a drill, this is my life. It’s so easy to see some terrible news story, and share it on our feed, but what about what should be happening next? If something is bothering you, then you simply can’t wait for someone else to handle it for you. You will definitely feel empowered after reading this book.
  3. Every Day is Saturday: Recipes + Strategies for Easy Cooking, Every Day of the Week (Easy Cookbooks, Weeknight Cookbook, Easy Dinner Recipes) by Sarah Copeland: Recipes that will make dinnertime easy? Yes, please! I hate cooking…but I love eating, so I’ve learned to enjoy the moment while I’m preparing a good meal every night. However, I don’t always have the time to prepare a new out-of-the-box dish. This book includes 100 easy-to-make recipes without any of the fuss.
  4. A Stranger on the Beach by Michele Campbell: This thriller revolves around the perfect marriage slowly falling apart all at the perfect beach house. It has definitely filled the void that the last season of The Affair left in me. It’s filled with so much suspense, from Aiden’s twisted obsession to Caroline’s mysterious string of fibs. Plan to be at the beach all morning and afternoon with this novel.
  5. Honestly, We Meant Well by Grant Ginder: I can’t resist unfiltered drama, hence my infatuation with the “Real Housewives” franchise. Ever feel like you don’t understand your family at all? Plan a family vacation and see if you’re not singing an entirely different tune. Sue Ellen Wright’s world is crashing, so an incredible family trip to a Greek island sounds like a great plan, right? Well, that’s only the beginning of the troubles. Don’t worry, it’s not all downhill spins, this novel really gets hilarious at some moments.
  6. Friendship Signs: Your Perfect Match(es) Are in the Stars by Brianne Hogan: Does anyone else look to their horoscopes before making a huge decision? Nope…just me? In January, I moved to a brand new city and state where I only knew one other person. So, the introvert in me doesn’t exactly have the easiest time making friends. I think astrology is a fun way to connect with people, and this book has definitely helped me with trying to get to know some of the new people around me. Each sign’s section is detailed, yet digestible and not hidden behind a bunch of moon and planet names. It’s a very easy to follow astrology guide to the people around you.
  7. Breathe In, Cash Out by Madeleine Henry: This book is about a Wall Street analyst that turned into a yoga teacher…no, this isn’t a New York Times headline. I’m definitely not moved by the idea of finance culture, but Madeleine’s humorous take on this what-if scenario that I’m sure many of us have dreamed of is extremely entertaining. It really only took me a few short days to finish this one!
  8. Son of a Southern Chef: Cook with Soul by Lazarus Lynch: Ready to turn your kitchen upside down with some seriously delicious and innovative dishes? I absolutely live by my routines, but when it comes to the kitchen, I hate when things get repetitive. Did you know that Lazarus actually created the book originally on Instagram as an ode to his father? I love his story, and his recipes will definitely spice up your week.

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Author: Wendy Vazquez

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