How To Gracefully Cancel Plans

I, like many of you I’m sure, have been guilty of making plans when I’m in a good mood, and then day-of I’m just losing it. I don’t want to leave the house for whatever reason and I’m dreading the plans that I had previously made. Whatever the problem is, you just know that you have to cancel. Well, there’s a right way to do it.

Don’t Lie

I know it’s tempting to make up some kind of emergency that will totally get you out of this, but don’t. I repeat: don’t lie! It will always come back to bite you. I’m very open with the people in my life about my social anxiety, and usually, that’s what keeps me from making something that I committed to. So, I’m able to let them know that my anxiety got the best of me and that’s why I can’t make whatever event that we scheduled.

Frankly, you don’t owe anyone an excuse. Just say that you were excited about your original plans, but something’s come up and now you just simply can’t make it.

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At the end of the day, you did make a commitment to these plans whether it was out of guilt, or because you actually wanted to at one moment. I always do what I say I will, and that’s why you should sincerely apologize for flaking on previous plans. Tell them that you are genuinely sorry that you can’t make it, and usually, that’s all they will need. You should also add in that you definitely value their time as well.


Or if you prefer not to, then don’t. Don’t just reschedule because you feel bad and will probably bail again. It’s more polite to be upfront. If you do happen to be in a funk or something, and want to make plans again, use this opportunity to do it. If you’re bailing on an event, then schedule future one-on-one plans with your friend.

Don’t Do It Last-Minute

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The worst thing you can do is cancel plans within hours of when you’re supposed to be meeting this person or attending this event. Frankly, it’s rude. There’s no getting out of that unless you have a true emergency. The moment you know you don’t want to do this, that’s when you should take the time to cancel plans.

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Author: Wendy Vazquez

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