Rustic Meets Glam In This Interior Designer’s Dwelling

Decorating a home is all about the little details that make it personal to the people living there, and make it a place that will be remembered forever. That was the inspiration behind Valeria Jacobs’s company, Rebecca & Genevieve. From vintage rugs to unique home goods, Valeria wants people to find the pieces that will enhance their space and make it a place they truly love. It’s no surprise that her own home is filled with so many beautiful items—and filled with love! Step right in to this home designer’s lovely space and get ready to swoon.

What are some tips you can share on making a new house feel like home?

Add your personal touches, think about family heirlooms, hang family pictures, paint some walls. Invite friends over! Start making memories. Don’t wait until it is perfect to start enjoying it. 

How did Rebecca & Genevieve come to life?

I love to answer that question because Rebecca & Genevieve came to life in the most unexpected of ways. It was 2017 and my husband was starting his last semester for his BS in Mechanical Engineering. After a long wait only focused on being a mom of my two boys and supporting my husband, I felt a huge weight lifted over my shoulders and suddenly I felt this desire to pursue something on my own. I felt that finally I could think about that. My boys were still little (3 and 1), so I knew that whatever I decided to pursue, I wanted to do it from home with them. We were struggling with our finances and I wanted my 3-year-old to start preschool. We needed the money so that was my main motivation. 

At first, I thought about studying interior styling and eventually work as an interior stylist, but I didn’t want the long run and study. I had already spent five years studying to become a marketer and I hate studying—it was never for me. Also, I didn’t feel confident about my design aesthetics. I felt that no one would trust me to decorate their homes, so I passed on that idea. 

I noticed on Instagram that vintage rugs were becoming a thing. I was following some accounts that sell them and thought, why not rugs? I searched online and bought my first rug on an auction. It arrived, I fell in love, the rest is history! I only had a bit over $2k to start, and that included the website, supplies and products. It took me more than a month to gather my first collection. I remember feeling so proud about it, but at the same time so scared! But for some reason, deep in me I felt that this was IT! I felt so sure of what I was doing and it felt so right. It was March 18, 2017, the online store was “open,” we sold the first rug that day. I felt so reassured that day. I felt amazing!

It hasn’t been easy. I have shed my good amount of tears, but it is so worth it. Seeing how far we have come is so incredible. 

Rebecca and Genevieve are the names of my grandma and my mom. I chose their names as my way to celebrate them. I am a strong woman because of them. I know my grandma would be so proud. I have no doubt she is watching over me from heaven.

How would you describe your customers’ décor style?

I don’t think they have a particular décor style. I have seen my products in lots of different home styles. I think what my customers and I share in common is the love for creating a safe, welcoming, cozy and beautiful home. They care about what they bring into their homes and want heirloom quality pieces that have lots of character. 

How would you describe your own home’s style?

I always get asked that question and it is hard to answer because I don’t think I can put my style in a certain category. It is a mix of things that I love. I am Peruvian, born and raised. I grew up in a country that it is full of color, culture, music—it is loud and eclectic in a beautiful way. That is why I am not shy when it comes to color and texture. I love to mix a lot of styles.

I love to keep a good neutral base with the furniture and then top it with lots of layers! I like a neutral base because it allows me to change textiles as the seasons change or just when I feel like it. 

You can tell I love layers and textures. I am known for always layering rugs. My way of thinking is, if you love the rug, make it work! 

How does your product styling services work?

I just launched this service very recently as a natural extension of what I am doing at the moment. I really enjoy styling and started receiving requests about it so I thought, why not add this service? At the moment, I only take just a few clients at a time because of mom life on top of business life, but I hope I can expand this type of service further in the near future.

How can others pull off mixing textures and styles without it look like ‘too much’?

I think the “too much” part is very personal. Our homes, our rules, that is what I think. There is so much beauty about experimenting with our style and finding what we love. It took me some time to find what I love after lots of trial and error. If one is happy with tons of layers on their sofa, let them be. I prefer being the person that encourages you to try something new in your home, too much or too little. 

Do you have any routines that you stick to as a busy entrepreneur?

I can’t start the day without breakfast, but most importantly, coffee! But apart from that, I wished I could say I have a routine, but I don’t. I try to make the most out of my days and finish as much as I can. Having a 9-month-old baby girl makes it the balancing act every day. Some days I can conquer the to-do list, some days I barely make it through the day. Hopefully, I can stick to a schedule in the near future and have more structure in my day. Hopefully…

How do you keep your home life and work life separate?

My family is my whole world and that is why I am doing what I do. I work from home so it makes it harder to separate both roles. I think most momtrepreneurs can relate to that. I wear lots of hats and try my best to be good at all of them. 

Social media can take a toll on your personal life easily if you let that happen. I try to disconnect over the weekend and don’t do anything work-related and just focus my attention on my family. I am blessed to have their whole support. 

Where do you get inspiration from?

Everywhere! But mostly Pinterest and Instagram. Travel also has been a great source of inspiration for me. I wish I could travel more often.

What are some tips you can share for those looking to decorate their home space for the first time?

Take your time! Get the vibe of your home before you start buying things. It can be a challenge to wait when you are super excited to start decorating, but believe me, it will be worth it. Don’t settle! You don’t have to fill your home with stuff that is “OK” or “for now.” I think it is worth waiting for the right pieces. That is what I always say to my clients when looking for a vintage rug—you know when it is the one, funny but the same applies for everything in life. I might be a romantic, but I truly believe in decorating for what you want a space to feel like rather than what you want it to look like.


Photography by Madison Holmlund – @mholmlundphoto

Valeria Jacobs @rebeccaandgenevieve 

Shop Her Home:

Master Bedroom

Linen bedding 

Gray throw blanket


Side table

Framed art 


Jute rug

Vintage rug

Pendant light (similar)

Nightstands (similar)

Kilim pillow (similar)

Boys Bedroom


Vintage rug 

Velvet sofa

Leather pouf 



Alphabet art




Velvet pillows

Flower art

Wall mural 

Moroccan round pouf

Rocking chair

Gray convertible sofa

Pendant light

Table lamp

Living Room 

Slingback chairs

Jute rug

Coffee table 


Throw blanket

Sofa covers

Sabra silk pillows

Side table

Alpaca art

Floor lamp

Dining Room

Farmhouse table

Black wishbone chairs

Pendant light

Hutch (similar)

Vintage rug


Round wood art


Pendant light

Bistro chairs

Tulip table

Vintage rug (similar)

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