How To Get Out Of That Major Décor Rut You’re In

For whatever reason, over the past 6 months, I’ve hit a major block with my home décor. My bedroom is seriously so boring—white bedding, white paint, nothing on the walls. No matter how many pins I save or how many Instagram accounts I follow, I can’t seem to pull myself out of my décor slump. Maybe you’re finding yourself here, too, so we’ve come up with some rules on how to keep you thinking creatively about your home!

Valeria Jacobs’s Home

Rule #1: Forget All the Rules

But really, your space is deeply personal. Why should it feel like everyone else’s? If something isn’t working for you, then why do it? The coolest homes are always the ones that feel unique to the person who lives there.

Dee Tang’s Home

Rule #2: Trends Aren’t Everything

I think my décor rut initially started because even though I had all the “on-trend” items, nothing seemed quite right. You can have all the rattan and gold in the world and a room can still look off. Just see what feels right to you, even if it’s not on-trend.

Jessalynn Forde’s Home

Rule #3: Just Start

I’m a self-proclaimed over-thinker, but channeling this into my décor almost never works. I have a tendency to only hang something up once I have decided about every other thing in the room. Instead, let your small decisions impact the idea flow of what to do next, and the rest will follow. It’s rare that I hang something up and absolutely hate it, so it’s better just to go for it!

Natalie Gill’s Home

Rule #4: Do the Unexpected

Creatively, I find it’s refreshing to try something you don’t normally do, and just see what happens. If you always tend toward neutrals, buy something that’s bright yellow. If your home is filled with color, order something white! Sometimes the unexpected makes your space feel complete.

Stacey Blake’s Home

Rule #5: Stop Being Negative

I can easily look around my house and name 100 things I hate, but honestly that’s not helpful and actually kind of annoying to listen to. Instead, make a list of things that you really do love about your space, and then take those things into consideration for whatever you do next! Being positive usually allows for better ideas anyway.

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Author: Evalyn Duke