Proof That “Age-Appropriate” Clothing Is A Hoax

I think we can all fall into the trap of thinking certain clothing or trends can only be pulled off by a certain age demographic. I strongly believe that getting older does not mean letting go of your style. Scroll on for some women with major fashion inspiration proving that age-appropriate clothing does not have to be a thing.

Maye Musk

You could find this outfit on a 17-year-old or a 70-year-old, and Maye Musk proves that everyone loves a jumpsuit!


Sarah Jane Adams

Nothing smashes the age-appropriate clothing idea like a bright red Adidas set.


Accidental Icon

A graphic sweatshirt is cool at any age, and Lyn Slater shows us that with her The Wing sweatshirt.


Arlinda McIntosh

Doc Martens are not only for the youth! They’re a classic shoe to edge up any outfit!



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Grece Ghanem

Mixed bold patterns and chunky dad shoes prove to be a fashion It-girl vibe no matter how old you are.


Moon Lin

If 91-year-old Moon Lin can rock a graphic tee, vans and trendy sunglasses, then I seriously want to hear no excuses on losing your sense of style as you get older. She is truly my inspiration.


Linda Rodin

This outfit proves that a classic is a classic—blue jeans, sneakers and sunglasses are cool at any age.

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Author: Evalyn Duke