Dayna Mance’s Earth Tone-Filled California Pad

We love the aesthetic at Prism Boutique so much, so it came as no surprise to us that its owner, Dayna Mance’s home is just as dreamy. We’re gushing over all of the pretty neutrals and earth tones throughout, and the pretty pops of pastel colors enhance the space with a playful vibe. Here, you’ll find out more about Dayna’s home décor inspiration, as well as her life and her journey to becoming a small business owner.

You left your secure corporate job in 2013 to start Prism Boutique. How did you prepare yourself to make the leap?

I always knew that I wanted to have my own clothing store. In 2009, I felt ready to open my own boutique, but I’m glad I waited a bit longer to gain more experience and for the economy to improve. During my 10 years of being a manager with Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie, I learned an immense amount about retail, service, merchandising, management and running a business. By 2013, I felt in my gut it was time to go out on my own, to take that leap. I knew if I failed, it’d be hard, but that I’d be OK in the long run. It boiled down to the fact that it was an even greater risk to myself not to try.

You’ve since expanded to another location, and have a successful online store. How can you juggle so many responsibilities?

A lot of multitasking and hard work! Truthfully, it’s not easy, but my passion literally won’t let me stop. When you are a small business owner, you don’t get to unplug a lot. I’m always thinking about my business and what I can do to move forward. I wear a lot of hats, and constantly bounce back and forth between different areas of the business. That said, I do need to check in with myself regularly and make sure I’m balancing it all and managing to set special time aside for myself and my family.

“I felt in my gut it was time to go out on my own, to take that leap. I knew if I failed, it’d be hard, but that I’d be OK in the long run. It boiled down to the fact that it was an even greater risk to myself not to try.”

What challenges did you face in starting your own business?

Over the last six years of building a small business, I’ve faced many challenges and growing pains. Things like becoming an employer and launching a website were among the initial challenges. Making decisions to pivot or grow your business is never easy. Remodeling and expanding my business while pregnant was also incredibly challenging. I’ve had employees steal from me as well as shoplifters and attempted break-ins. There are hurdles around every corner when you’re a small business owner. 

You have two beautiful girls! What do you hope they learn from you?

My girls are 3 and 5, and I already tell them that they can do whatever they want in life, be who they want to be. But they will have to work very hard at it. They see me doing this daily and I hope they learn from the work ethic and passion I have. As soon as they are old enough, I’ll put them to work for those clothes they’re going to want!

What do you love most about being an entrepreneur?

When you work hard and bring something to life, you get the direct benefits of it. I love not having to report into a workplace 9-to-5 (or a boss!) and having flexibility in my days. One of the things I enjoy the most is seeing awe and delight on customers faces when they walk in the store. Getting positive feedback about my business really fuels me because it is so personal to me. I also love being a boss and managing a team. Without them, Prism could not exist.

How would you describe your home décor style?

It’s similar to my boutiques. A very neutral palette with playful pops of color. Bohemian, earthy, minimal. I love having lots of plants, and natural light is so important to me. 

We love the touches of pastel! What kind of role does color play in your life?

I’ve always been drawn to softer colors. In my stores, the product is colorful and bright so I like a more neutral base to that. At home, whites, shades of tan mixed with pops of pastels is what makes me feel relaxed. Right now, I am loving nudes, all shades of pink and brown, and mustard.

“I’ve found that I love creating beautiful places for women to enjoy and shop. I thrive off bringing elements of my inspiration into my home and business in my own way.”

How do you keep your home tidy, but also kid-friendly?

I’ve been focusing on getting rid of clutter and things we don’t need or use often. With kids, the toys can pile up and take over quickly. I recently took four trash bags of toys out of the house and my daughters didn’t even notice! When there is less, they make less of a mess and seem to enjoy playing with what they do have more. Our house is only 1,200 square feet, so we have to keep things organized. It’s a daily task, that’s for sure. We have a good amount of storage for a small house, but I’ve found using bins under the beds and inside the closet helps.

What sparks your creative energy?

I’m most creative at night and tend to come up with the ideas for my business when I should be winding down and tuning out. I love to curate and am always hunting for new brands. It’s an obsession! A lot of the vendors I carry inspire me and truly make the shop special. I get super excited to throw gatherings, events and pop-up shops. I love seeing all the planning come to fruition, and the sense of community they bring to my stores. I’m always scheming about our next fun event.

Where are some of your favorite places to find creative inspiration?

Art, ceramics, textiles, home décor, furniture and the outdoors. Beautiful imagery of spaces and fashion, usually via Instagram or Pinterest, get my mind and creative juices going. I’m always saving images and circling back to them. I’ve found that I love creating beautiful pieces for women to enjoy and shop. I thrive off bringing elements of my inspiration into my home and business in my own way.


Dayna Mance – @daynamance

Prism Boutique – @prismboutique

Photography by Alison Bernier – @alisonbernier

Styling assistance and custom headboard from Clover @cloverlb

Custom furniture by Lorem

Plant hangers are coming to Prism in October along with a new home décor collaboration with Lorem.

Shop Her Home:


Tortoise Glassware Set

Guest Bedroom


Canvas Print Above Bed 

Sun-Shaped Rattan Mirror

Rug (similar)

Master Bedroom

Bench (similar)

Pillow on Bench


Malm Bed

Girl’s Bedrooms

Rattan Bed

Mustard Floral Bedding (similar)


Rose Gold Bed Frame (similar)

Pink Shell Pillow (similar)

Living Room

Pillows on Rattan Chairs

Jute Rug

Fabric Wall Hanging

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