10 Easy Everyday Items To Swap For Reusable Options Right Now

Brittany Viklund is here today with ways in which you could live more sustainably by swapping out everyday items for reusable options.

makeup rounds: I had no idea just how easy it would be to swap out my disposable makeup rounds for reusable cotton ones until I did this last summer. I keep clean ones in a Mason jar in my bathroom cabinet and toss used ones in a mesh bag that goes into the wash when we do towels every week. Some folks like to have a set for removing eye makeup and a set for applying toner. Either way, this is an easy swap that also saves you money.

water bottle: If you are using a single-use plastic water bottle (yes, you!), make it your last one. Single-use plastic water bottles use more water to produce than is actually inside, not to mention the waste of tossing them each time. Plus, reusable water bottles are way more chic anyway. There are TONS of options on the market to suit your fancy; I love my bkr bottles the most though. Don’t like the taste of tap water? Get a water filter system or set up a bottled water dispenser in your home. It will still be cheaper in the long run and best yet, better for the planet. 

flour sack towels: Last November, our family ran out of paper towels and I simply never purchased them again, we haven’t looked back. We have flour sack towels (super cheap on Amazon) that we use for dirty things and Marley’s Monsters Unpaper Towels for kitchen tasks specifically. I live with two messy toddlers, three cats, a dog and recently we just had three foster puppies we were caring for—if we can get through that without paper towel, you can, too!

plastic baggies: We used to use single-use baggies for EVERYTHING. What the heck!? Now we use glass containers for food leftovers and storage and Stasher bags for anything under the sun. They are high-quality silicone and come in the dreamiest colors—it’s kind of hard not to want them all. I love companies that take lame single-use plastics and make a reusable version that are way cooler.

shopping bags: In some states, you have to bring your own bags (or pay the price), but either way, this is a good practice. I keep one in my purse for impulsive shopping trips, two in the car and my go-to stash on a command hook right next to our doorway. What I have found with reusable shopping bags is the more you use them, the more you remember to use them. You feel me?

menstrual cup: I was first introduced to my reusable menstrual cup as a teacher in 2009. The cup allowed me to teach all day without having to worry about, you know, all the stuff we have to worry about when it’s that time of the month. I’ve been using my cup for 10 years now, just think of all the waste that has saved (and money in my pocket)! It takes a few tries to get used to fitting properly, but stay diligent with it. I have faith you will find a solution that works for you. 

travel coffee cup: I used to struggle with keeping a reusable coffee cup on hand, but then I found an approach that worked for me—I keep a lighter, smaller cup in my bag at all times rather than the bulky/heavy ones. The one I use can hold hot or cold beverages (score!) and is so cute I even use it around my home because I love it so much.

napkins: When my husband and I were newlyweds, we invested in two sets of cloth napkins. This was how I first introduced him to reusable goods. He was initially more invested in the frugal incentives of not wasting money on making trash (because that’s all disposable napkins are, just sayin’), but now he sees the big picture and still commends me for the decision to invest in reusable napkins with our wedding gift cash. 

wax food wraps or bowl covers: There are so many variations of both reusable food wax and bowl covers, you can find whatever makes your heart happy and your refrigerator pretty. Instead of disposable plastic wrap reach for these options, wash them when you are done, then let them dry and they are ready to go again. Could it get any easier? The answer is “no.”

stainless steel straws: I’m not a big straw person personally, but I know a lot of folks are, so get yourself some stainless steel straws and keep them in your purse. Many come with cute little drawstring canvas bags, too. Imagine if we all stopped using plastic straws—little things can make a big impact when we are collectively on board.

*Image by Lily Glass for sfgirlbythebay

Brittany is a lover of routines, books, simple joys and anything creative. With a degree in marketing and advertising, she worked in early childhood education for 7 years before pursuing her creative work full-time as an illustrator, blogger, photographer and becoming a mother.

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