6 Instagram Beauty Experts That Are Breaking The Mold

Oftentimes, Instagram is not the place we go to feel better about ourselves. Although the beloved app is inspiring and brings people together, it often fosters comparison, envy and loneliness. Thankfully, shedding light on what’s actually real is becoming more of a trend on our feeds. These beauty bloggers who rock their imperfections are a beacon of hope in a virtual world full of the fake and edited, and we’re so thankful they exist.

Kadeeja Sel Khan

This UK-based beauty influencer gets real about her acne and isn’t afraid to let you into her process and tips for dealing with it.


Shalom Blac

LA-based beauty blogger and makeup artist is also a burn survivor, who keeps it real about her journey and experience.


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Own who you are. #skinpositivity #mypaleskinblog

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Em Ford

This London beauty blogger’s YouTube Channel and “Redefine Pretty” video is helping to redefine beauty standards and start conversations about the impact social media and culture has on our mental health and how it relates to the way we think about how we look.


Peter DeVito

Although not a beauty blogger himself, Peter is a photographer that showcases body and skin positivity through his powerful portraits.


Kayti Oldham

Kayti uses her platform to get real about not only skin and body positive thinking, but also anxiety, motherhood and just life in general.


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writing a 20 page paper on eels wbu

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Sarah Taylor

Instagram model whose been featured in Peter DeVito’s portraits rocks her birthmark and doesn’t try to cover it in her photos and modeling, helping to normalize beauty standards in the industry.

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Author: Evalyn Duke