6 Easy Summer Entertaining Hacks

In case you missed it, I recently redid my outdoor living space to spruce it up for summer. Now that it’s no longer a kid toy wasteland, I’m ready for all the summer parties al fresco. I work full-time here at Glitter Guide, run a podcast, plus chase around a 3-year-old all day. Needless to say, maintaining a social life often gets pushed to the bottom of the list. But I’m determined not to let my new-and-improved space go to waste, which is why I’ve found some super simple and easy entertaining hacks for summer.

Hack #1 – Save time with pre-prepared snacks

We live in San Diego, the land of California burritos. So needless to say, our outdoor parties involve a lot of guacamole and fresh produce. It’s no secret that we love guacamole—it’s flavorful, filled with good fats and fiber, and pairs well with so many other foods. However, avocados can be unpredictable. They are not always ready when you need them; and other times, they are overripe. This is why WHOLLY® GUACAMOLE is a staple in my fridge this summer. WHOLLY® GUACAMOLE makes delicious prepared guac made with 100 percent hand-scooped Hass avocados and just real, simple ingredients and no added preservatives. Have you ever tried to time your avocados to be perfectly ripe in time for a party? It’s nearly impossible! I love that WHOLLY® GUACAMOLE is so easy and hassle-free with no risk for under- or over-ripe avocados. We get ours at our local Costco, but you can find it almost anywhere near you.

Hack #2 – Only clean the space you’re entertaining in

I know I’m victim to feeling like I have to scrub every inch of my house before guests come over, but it’s so unnecessary. Especially when you’re socializing out on the patio or in the backyard, no one is going to notice how clean the bedrooms are. Save yourself the time and frustration and just clean the areas you know guests will mingle or use (like the bathroom).

Hack #3 – Use snacks that double as décor

When planning a grazing section, use the opportunity to doctor up the space with as much color as possible. You can find these in rainbow carrots, watermelon radishes and beautiful seasonal fruit. You’re going to put snacks out anyway, why not make it pretty so you don’t have to worry about decorating? A few sprinkles of chamomile flowers or daisies can go a long way in elevating the curb appeal of the snack table.

Hack #4 – DIY your own florals

I love to buy a few cheap bunches from Trader Joe’s or my local farmers’ market and put together a few arrangements for summer parties. It costs about $10, and you can usually get two or three arrangements out of it, giving you plenty of blooms to brighten up your entertaining space.

Hack #5 – Keep a checklist

I used to have a bad habit of buying things ahead of time for a party, and then putting it away until it was time…only to completely forget about it in the meantime. So you’re not misplacing party décor, or losing snacks in the back graveyard of your fridge, keep a checklist and every time you buy something specifically intended for the party, add it to the list. I use my Evernote app to keep it simple and accessible. I find this to be really helpful the day of so there’s no second guessing if I have everything, no matter where I put it away.

Hack #6 – Offer individual serving options

It’s easy to spend your entire party fussing over bowls and platters making sure everything is constantly full. I like to take the stress out of the hosting duties by offering the option of individual servings of snacks and dips like these WHOLLY® GUACAMOLE Minis. Plus, it gives your guests the freedom to roam around instead of everyone congregating to one small area.

As long as you have some sunshine, people you love and lots of good snacks, your summer soirées will be an absolute success!

This post was sponsored by WHOLLY® GUACAMOLE. The compensation received in exchange for placement on Glitter Guide is used to support the larger team behind GG. While compensation was received in exchange for coverage, all thoughts and opinions are always our own. Sponsored posts like these allow for the development of more #flashesofdelight content to be produced, for free. Thank you for supporting us and our partners!

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Author: Samantha Welker

Samantha Welker is the business manager at Glitter Guide. She has an Master's in Corporate Finance & Sustainability from Harvard Business School but prefers working in the creative industry. She also hosts a weekly business podcast for creative women called Pretty Okay Podcast. She loves spending time with her husband and her son, Rocky, in sunny San Diego. Follow along on Instagram