11 Planters That Are So Cool You’ll Forget About The Plants

It’s a true sign of adulthood to be able to keep a plant alive at home. Whether you want to go easy with succulents, or try something harder, having plants in the home can be a great way to set the mood or begin your décor journey.

Our contributor, Kaleigh Glaza, is here to help get you started! You’ll be that #adult who has greenery all over their house and makes all their friends feel jealous and like they need to get their lives in line. Plus, these planters are so cute that they’ll keep you motivated to stay dedicated to your pretty plants, and soon enough they’ll be blooming bright and beautiful in your home…

This Sloth Hanging Planter is the perfect place to start. Who could say “no” to a cute lil’ sloth?!

These Modern Cactus Pots are simple and sweet. They’re perfect for a bathroom or kitchen!

If you’re into more modern décor, this Hanging Circle Planter is a no-brainer. Sleek and simple, it will still draw the eye of your guests.

For a starter planter, just go for a classic. This Dark Blue Planter with Wood Stand is elevated so it doesn’t look clunky, but it’s still not too over the top. It’s perfect for a “grown-up” apartment.

This one is more of a splurge, but it’s worth it! The Wood Leg Planters come in two colors so you can mix and match them, too.

If you have a patio or sundeck, this Double Decker Planter is a super cute use of space! It would also be a great eye-catching piece for a front hallway.

If you want more of a natural look, this Rattan Plant Stand is a no-brainer. Pair it with an antique rug and a cool vintage poster for a relaxing nook.

Simply stunning. These Marbleized Rogue Vase Planters are a beauty to behold! How could you say “no”?

If you have plants in your bedroom, you want to keep it simple. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary, after all! Clean, sleek, white and gold plant pots are the way to go.

If you really want to go for it in the world of potted plants, this Tiered Ceramic Planter will let you test out a few different types of plants in the same potter.

As if we could end with anything other than this friggin’ adorable Unicorn Planter! You will always have a smile on your face while you tend to your plants 😊

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For more at-home plant guidance, check out 7 Houseplants That You Cannot Kill If You Tried and How To Decorate With Houseplants. You’ll be going green at home in no time!

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