5 All-White Outfits To Inspire Your Post-Labor Day Wardrobe

As Labor Day nears, it’s a sign that summer is quickly coming to an end. Before we know it, the weather will start to cool down and the leaves will begin to change. While we hold on to every last beach day, barbecue and summer Friday, there is no denying that fall is just around the corner. However, one thing that you don’t have to worry about shedding this fall is your cool and chic all-white wardrobe. Whoever said that white can’t be worn after Labor Day was sadly mistaken. In fact, white after Labor Day is the perfect way to hold on to those lasting summer thoughts just a little bit longer. Our contributor, Katherine Hilton, has rounded up five all-white outfits to inspire your post-Labor Day wardrobe. 


An all-white suit is so chic and easy to put together. Whether it’s a short or pantsuit, this white combo is the perfect post-Labor Day outfit. 


White jeans or dress pants pair perfectly with a lightweight white sweater. This is a great outfit as we begin to transition from summer to fall. 


White jumpsuits are easy and versatile. They are a great way to transition from summer to fall and can easily be dressed up or down.


Silk or satin tops pair perfectly with white linen pants. This is a comfy and casual look to help you easily transition into fall. 


Finally, white lightweight sweaters are perfect to pair with a white mini or midi skirt. This look is perfect for those months when the weather starts to cool but isn’t quite cold enough for a jacket.

Midwest-born and -raised, Katherine is currently a college student living in NYC where she attends the Fashion Institute of Technology while studying Advertising and Marketing Communications with a focus in Public Relations. She tends to think of herself as a very non-traditional college student. She has a passion for health and wellness, home décor, fashion, city living and so much more. In her free time, you can find her scrolling Pinterest, hitting a workout class or watching HGTV.

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