All The Things You Need To Have Your Most Productive Month

I have to admit that I’m a total productivity nerd. I’m constantly reading any and every book under the sun, and listening to every podcast consisting of productivity hacks. In fact, I probably research so much productivity advice, that I end up ignoring certain parts of my workload, but that’s another story.

I’m always on the hunt for things that will make me more efficient at work and in life, and I think I’ve finally found everything I need. If you like to stay organized like me, then you’ll love these items that will help you have your most productive month yet!


Digital notes are essential for my sanity! It always seems like some kind of idea pops in my head while I’m running around, so I love OneNote for scribbling things into lists on my phone and opening them up on my laptop later when I’m at my office desk. If needed, I can clip articles and links from the internet and save them into notebooks as well. I also like to use GoodNotes on my iPad and iPhone when I’m away from my desk.

Trust me, I know my planners. I’ve gone through so many just these past couple months alone, and I’ve finally settled on my perfect planner. I tried and love the original planner, and its current version is even more pleasant. It not only has thick, sturdy pages, but it also announces fun awareness days and boasts adorable graphics. If I’m traveling, I’ll switch to my Classic Happy Planner or A5 Day Designer since they are highly customizable for my calendar and sporadic notes.

I can’t go far without a good pen…or a bundle of colorful, quality pens. I’ve even gone as far are specially ordering sets from Japan and Korea, so I know a good gel pen when I see one. The golden, affordable standard are Muji gel pens, which come in tons of different colors and ballpoint sizes. My current personal favorites can be hard to come by, but the Pilot Juice Up Knock Gel collection is the smoothest I’ve ever used.

I like everything to feel perfect, even if it’s not, and I really can’t resist glitter. So, having a shiny new laptop case is important. I’m always lugging my laptop to coffee shops and airports, so having a tough case that looks glamorous is a top priority. I love the Chic Geeks Unicorn Crystal MacBook Case, and I swear I’ve never gotten more compliments with any other case.

I wish paperwork were a thing of the past, but there’s some stuff that I have to keep hard copies of. I use the Project 62 Hanging File Holder almost every day. It’s been one of my best purchases to keep me together.

I hate working late nights, but sometimes I just have to put in extra work here and there. A good desk lamp is a necessity for moments like that. I also use my desk to paint my hair and do my makeup, so the versatility that I’ve found with the Wade Logan Asellus Desk Lamp has saved me so many times over.

Plugs are always hard to come by, and my phone’s battery isn’t the best. I could probably use an upgrade, but instead, I’d rather use a cute charger pad, especially if I’m in a cafe running short of plugs for working nomads. I just plug the USB into my laptop and I don’t have to worry about a thing.

I remember things by repeatedly writing them down, and I need a good notebook that is also colorful and cute to jot every little thing down.

I dare you to say ‘no’ to Disco Tape. I love using it to add borders in my notes, and to make certain areas in my planner stand out so I can remember important events.

Do you ever feel like your desk is all over the place? I recently got a nice big L-shaped desk and have more space than ever…and yet the clutter is still prevalent. Thanks to this Wire Grid Organizer set, it’s like everything has its own place, and my desk is clear again.

I never just throw my laptop into my tote. There’s a lot going on in there. So, if I’m ever traveling or just heading out of the house with my laptop, I like to be extra careful and use this Sonix Velvet Laptop Clutch. No one will ever know there’s a laptop in there.

Forget all of the chaos with all of the different wires that you think you need. The BentoStack Tech Organizer keeps everything essential out of sight so I have a clean workspace at all times.

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Author: Wendy Vazquez

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