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I wish I could say our weekends are chore-free, but with my husband and I both working and juggling our children’s busy schedules there is inevitably cleaning that needs to be done on the weekend. Last week, I shared my quick daily cleaning routine, which helps keep the weekend chores from being too overwhelming. I like my weekend routine to be minimal whenever possible. That way, we have one full day to just have fun and spend time together as a family. Here are some things I usually do on the weekends…

Weekend Cleaning Routine

  • Sweep & mop: Last week, I mentioned that I schedule my Roomba® i7+ a few times a week to vacuum the floors for us (which is amazing!), but I also like to mop the floors at least once a week for super fresh and clean floors. The iRobot Braava jet® m6 is yet another amazing tool that my family can’t live without. I can schedule it to do a wet mop or a dry sweep. It easily gets the hard to clean spots like around toilets and under kitchen cabinets. It’s great at cleaning hard dirt off my hardwood floors. I often schedule my Braava jet® robot mop for a dry sweep on Thursdays and a wet mop on the weekend. What’s also great is it uses Imprint™ Smart Mapping, which means it learns your home, remembers your rooms and adapts to determine the best way to clean, every day. I can schedule what room I want it to clean and it knows what to do! My husband loves it the most because his weekend chore has always been the sweeping and mopping. Now he’s off the hook! You can save up to $150 on select iRobot® Floor Care Robots until September 7! Head to the iRobot® site to see its offerings.
  • Wash bedding: I like to wash my bedding every other weekend, but I still have to do a load every weekend. I typically do the kids’ bedding one weekend and ours the next. It’s not a chore I enjoy, but there is nothing better than climbing into a freshly washed bed.
  • Clean the bathrooms: Cleaning the bathrooms is my most-dreaded household chore, and our condo has three bathrooms, which means it’s an ordeal to deep clean all of them. I try to give them a quick wipe-down a few times a week so it’s not totally overwhelming. Often, I find I don’t have time to fully clean all three on Saturday morning, so I will deep clean the full baths and then do a speed clean of the half bath. I also started to involve my daughter in this and the dusting of the house, so that is a big help!
  • Clean the fridge: I do a deep clean of the fridge about once a month, but every weekend I take everything out and do a wipe down and re-organize the fridge to make room for the week’s groceries. I find it sets us up for a more streamlined week of cooking and making lunches.
  • Yard work: We don’t have too much of a yard and it’s something I’m slowly trying to work on. However, on the weekends I like to go out and make sure everything is looking good, do a quick cleanup of leaves and fruit droppings, and trim flowers and weeds. Although this isn’t included in my two-hour cleaning routine typically, it’s something that I enjoy with the kids while they’re out there playing.

That’s it! Those are the main things I do every single weekend to stay on top of our house cleaning. It’s never perfect and there are always piles and rooms that are waiting for me to get to them, but I found that sticking to this routine is a good way for me to get the bulk of things tidy and feeling good!

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