Why Do We Feel Like We Can’t Take Breaks? Team GG Answers

Maybe it’s because we’re women in the workplace, maybe it’s because America as a whole has a problem with workaholism, maybe it’s because we never learned how, but for whatever reason, there seems to be a stigma around taking a break. Whether that’s a day off, simply working from home or dare we say, even taking a vacation, we have a hard time allowing ourselves to rest. Team GG gives some insight on what that might be all about.

“I am, by nature, a “go-go-go” person. I feel uncomfortable without a project to work on. I guess it’s just my type A nature to feel like I need to be productive at all times. So partner that with a busy job, a side project and family life, it’s hard to find moments to breathe. There’s always something to do, and always something to work on. Especially here at GG where we all wear many different hats, I know I get caught up in the “well, if I don’t do it, it won’t get done” mentality. Call me bad at delegating, I guess. I had to force myself to take a vacation last month. My first one since giving birth to my son 3 years ago, and maternity leave isn’t necessarily what I’d consider a vacation 😂. And I’m so glad I did. I left my laptop at home and only took books with me to our mountain retreat. It felt amazing. Sometimes we have to force ourselves to take the breaks we think we can’t manage in order to see how much we truly needed one.”

-Samantha Welker, Business Manager

I know I get caught up in the “well, if I don’t do it, it won’t get done” mentality.


“Taking breaks is not something I’m naturally good at. I have an ambitious personality. I also have little time for breaks so I tend to cram everything I can into the day. However, over the past two years I’ve worked super hard to force myself to take breaks. I will do a quick workout before diving into work or I will take a walk with my dog during the afternoon. Even last night I told my husband I needed to take 10 minutes to go in our room and do yoga. I could tell I needed to relax my brain before we started the hustle of the bedtime routine with our kids. It’s all about knowing what you need and making space for it and not pushing it away. It can be really hard. I still struggle to eat lunch every day since I would rather keep working. It’s a journey not a destination!”

-Taylor Sterling, Founder

It’s all about knowing what you need and making space for it and not pushing it away.


“I think I often struggle to say ‘no.’ I can be a people-pleaser and this bleeds into my work life, taking on too many things without realizing how much it’s built up and then before you know it I’m burned out, not only from work but with friends and relationships. Taking some time off can be so good for us to re-evaluate where we spend our time and energy, and can actually allow us to be more focused and productive when back at work.”

-Evalyn Duke, Graphic Designer


“I have a terrible case of FOMO, but only for work-related stuff. It’s irrational, but I always feel like if I’m not available all-day-every-day, then I’ll miss something essential. And I have to say, that’s never actually the case. Nothing at work is ever really an emergency that can’t wait.”

Wendy Vazquez, Editorial Assistant


“I’m so fortunate to have a freelance career and be able to work remotely, but that also means that I have a really hard time turning off ‘work mode.’ I feel like I need to cram as much as possible into each day, and that means working all day, and then doing even more work after my kids are in bed. A productive day to me is determined by how many things I can check off my to-do list. But I’ve found that it’s not worth checking off everything on my list if it leaves me exhausted, overworked and moody. Now that summer vacation is over and my kids are back in school, I’ve been shutting down my computer at an earlier time to either read a little before bed, or spend some quality time with my husband. I still have a hard time not doing any work after the kids are in bed, but I’m not working nearly as late anymore, and it’s really helped my mind—and my mood—so much.”

Nicole Altavilla, Copy Editor

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Author: Evalyn Duke