12 Products To Make Your Next Move That Much Easier

Moving doesn’t have to be the headache that it initially seems to be—we swear! Let’s look at the facts…

Packing can help you clean and purge from your life. It can help you organize your things and give you a better sense of what you actually have in your own home. Unpacking gives you a fresh start, a clean slate and the opportunity to add to your home and your life. And by “add to your home,” we, of course, mean decorate 😊. If you’re a décor fiend, that potential alone makes moving at least somewhat exciting!

But that doesn’t mean it can’t be daunting as well. Moving is a big process no matter what size home you’re moving from or to. However, small things can make a big difference when you’re preparing and executing your next move.

As someone who just completed a pretty big, and temporary move, our contributor, Kaleigh Glaza, has perfected the system so that when she moves again in a few months, the process will be seamless. How did she do it, you may ask? Well, she is here to tell you! She did a lot of preparation and found several key products and services that really made a difference.

  1. A serious to-do list: So many issues that happen during a move come from improper planning. Make a to-do list at least a month out from your move, prioritizing things that need to happen far in advance (booking movers and cleaners) up to the things you’ll do the day you leave (pack a day before in case everything goes wrong). I prefer written lists on paper, but there are also e-list options.
  2. A clutch playlist: Music gets you moving. Literally. So, if you need help with moving, make a playlist that gets you moving! These are some Groovy Favs that always get us dancing, but that’s just my go to. You do you, boo boo.
  3. Easy storage: If you’re moving into a temporary home, or a smaller space, or even a new climate, you might have to store things for a little while. If that sounds like you, you need to give Clutter.com a try. I can not recommend its team enough! The monthly fees include moving costs, and it’s a perfect option for larger items like furniture or camping gear that you don’t need to access regularly.
  4. Colored tape: Sure, you can spend more money on customized labels that tell you what room each box goes to. Or, you can just buy colored duct tape and do the color coding yourself. Even breaking boxes out by floor will save your movers time and make your unpacking process extra easy.
  5. Thick permanent markers: Buy them in bulk! They make labeling a breeze! And, no, the standard size will NOT do. You need the big guns!
  6. A cooler: You will have every intention of cleaning out your fridge and eating all your leftovers before you move, but you probably won’t succeed. And having a cooler on hand keeps you from throwing away items like salad dressing, almond milk and other pricey refrigerated foods that you don’t need to throw away.
  7. Trash bags (LOTS of them!): Use them for actual trash of course, but also to clean things out that you want to give away. For blankets and pillows and towels and bedding. For gym clothes you never folded anyway. For curtains you want to keep and bathmats and oven mitts and really anything soft or squishy. Save boxes for heavier items that need to keep their shape and just toss these bags into the trunk of your car or on the top of the moving truck pile.
  8. Collapsible crates: One thing that can get annoying, especially if you move frequently, is continuously having to find or buy packing boxes. But you won’t have to do that with InstaCrate Collapsible Crates. I found these on my last move, and they are a godsend because they’re easy to store in between moves. And they hold all the things! #winning
  9. Reinforced boxes: If crates are too expensive, you can still go the classic route of cardboard boxes. Liquor stores are a great resource for these, but I also got quite a few from a local coffee shop in my neighborhood and have also heard libraries are worth an ask! Round up more than you think you’ll need just in case.
  10. Ziploc bags: Much like their big brother, the garbage bag, the Ziploc bag is a cure-all for packing. You can use the bags to store doorknobs, tiny screws and brackets, luggage keys, jewelry or other small, easily forgettable items. Always keep a few of them on hand for last-minute additions that you can’t throw into a box on their own.
  11. A car clothing hanger: If you’ve never heard of these, let me be the one to blow your mind. A Car Clothes Hanger Bar lets you keep your clothes on the hangers, and just hang them across the back of your car! Please be careful on long drives because this does block your view, but it also makes moving items like coats and dresses super easy.
  12. Champagne: Or whatever your favorite celebratory drink is! We recommend Champagne for the satisfying “pop,” but we’ll leave that up to you.

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A lifelong Chicagoan, Kaleigh currently works in the Windy City’s food social media and marketing world, which is perfect for her cheese and chocolate-obsessed self. She is your go-to girl for recommendations on travel, champagne, the best Beyoncé songs to sing in the shower and the latest in thriller fiction reads. In addition to Glitter Guide, her work has also appeared in Refinery29, The EveryGirl, Lux and Concord, DiningOut Chicago Magazine, and others. Follow her on Instagram at @kaleighglaza and work with her on food, blogging, and social media at https://www.kaleighglaza.com/.

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