The Right Job VS The Available Job: How To Know When To Jump

Kaleigh Glaza breaks down what to do when it comes to choosing a path while job hunting.

We get it. Job hunting is the worst. It basically becomes a second job in itself. And when you’re in a work environment that you don’t like, it can be tempting to jump at the first opportunity that comes your way.


Just don’t.

You’ll run a much higher risk of ending up in just another, different, job that isn’t quite what you expected or at all what you wanted. Instead, take the time to make sure that this job isn’t just different…but right. Take a step back, and follow some simple tricks…

Know what you’re missing…and what you want

Before you even begin your search for a new job, make two lists. You can think of these as the job search version of a pro and con list. But instead of pros and cons, make one list of the things you DON’T love about your current job, be that your salary or the way your management is structured. Then, make another list of what you exactly WANT from a new job. As you start your search, don’t pursue jobs that don’t correct the issues you’re having. Stay strong in what you do and don’t want.

Ask yourself the RIGHT questions

Part of those lists, and your career journey overall, is being honest with yourself. That means assessing your strengths, weaknesses, goals, and desires with as unbiased eyes as possible. And asking yourself tough questions like: Do I not like my job or just not like my manager? Do I want more money or just a better work/life balance? How important is being able to work from home?

Feel free to bring in other people you trust to help you answer these questions! Whatever keeps you honest.

Evaluate the whole offer

Don’t stop at the salary! Look at the benefits package, vacation days, possibility of raises or bonuses and everything else you receive. Maybe the salary isn’t what you want, but you have room to negotiate for another few vacation days or time working remotely.

Many people get hung up on the salary, and this is even true in the initial application process. But companies now offer things like discounts on gym memberships, free lunch, 401K or student loan payment matching, and all kinds of other perks. Take a look at every aspect before you make a final call.

Make sure you truly know your role

Don’t just read the description on LinkedIn. Ask as many questions as you can think of as to what this job actually entails. Get details on results you’ll be measured on, past successes or struggles this job has faced, and how it fits into the company’s larger goals.

Do some deeper digging and get into the nitty-gritty!

Ask Yourself: Can I see myself working with this team?

First, never accept a job without talking to the person you will directly report to AND the person or people who will report to you. Knowing the people who you will directly work with on a day to day basis will be key in knowing how your work environment will feel.

It is also fully within your right to talk to other members of your potential team. If you’re working as part of a smaller team, talking to the other people you’ll work with will be a nice step.

Overall, take the time to really get to know a job and a company before you leave your own. The process is arduous, and we totally get that, but it will be worth it in the end. You’ll never know how amazing a job can be until you’re in the right now. Give it the time and love it deserves!

A lifelong Chicagoan, Kaleigh currently works in the Windy City’s food social media and marketing world, which is perfect for her cheese and chocolate-obsessed self. She is your go-to girl for recommendations on travel, champagne, the best Beyoncé songs to sing in the shower and the latest in thriller fiction reads. In addition to Glitter Guide, her work has also appeared in Refinery29, The EveryGirl, Lux and Concord, DiningOut Chicago Magazine, and others. Follow her on Instagram at @kaleighglaza and work with her on food, blogging, and social media at

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