10 Signs You’re A Perfectionist

Are you an overachiever, extremely driven and have high expectations? You may be a perfectionist. These traits aren’t all bad, but your perpetual pursuit of excellence may be holding you back. Perfectionism is often a way of masking fear: fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of taking risks. Here are some of the common traits of a perfectionist.

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  1. You have an all-or-nothing approach. You either do it well or not at all. You don’t like to live in gray areas.
  2. It’s all about the results. You often ignore the journey and experience and are hyper-focused on the end result.
  3. Mistakes are for the weak. Failure isn’t an option. You are uncomfortable with owning up to mistakes, and when they happen, you’re very hard on yourself.
  4. You’re your worst critique. You never give yourself credit for success. You’re hard on yourself and you struggle not to nitpick everything you do.
  5. Success isn’t good enough. No matter what you achieve, there is always more you want. You always have a new, shinier, larger goal to meet.
  6. You procrastinate. You often wait to move forward until just the “right” moment or when things meet your high standards. Sometimes the feeling never comes and you find you’re stuck.
  7. You avoid things. You often avoid tasks and activities that you know you won’t be good at.
  8. You sacrifice yourself for perfection. You skip meals and don’t get enough sleep when in pursuit of perfect.
  9. You’re judgmental. You don’t only expect yourself to be perfect, but everyone around you, as well.
  10. You’re a “people-pleaser. You want to impress everyone and can be really hard on yourself when someone isn’t.
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Do you have many of these traits? You may be a perfectionist. Don’t stress, though. Many successful people are, and it’s something that can be managed. The first step is admitting to yourself that you have perfectionistic tendencies and then put an action plan into place that helps you lean into your discomfort.

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