What Type Of New Year’s Goal To Set Based On Your Enneagram Type

Our team is all over the spectrum when it goes to the Enneagram, but we like to think that’s what makes us work so well together 😉. As we head toward the end of the year and start working on mapping out our goals for 2020, we thought it would be fun to focus on setting goals based on our Enneagram type. Rather than the standard “lose 10 pounds” or “spend more time with family,” check out how you can set goals that are in line with your Enneagram number and have your best year yet.

Type 1

Ones are overly conscientious and always try to do the right thing. This is a great trait, but can also make it hard to pull apart what Ones WANT to be doing versus what they SHOULD be doing. Don’t let your goals this year turn into another item on your to-do list. If you’re a One, spend some time getting beneath the “should do” side of your brain. Don’t get paralyzed by your quest for perfection. Build some flexibility into your intentions and have a little fun.

2020 Goal: Have a good time and enjoy the ride!

Type 2

Twos need to help and be of service to others in order to feel connected and loved. Their inner critic often won’t let them be “selfish” and focus on themselves and their desires instead of others. This often makes keeping goals a challenge because Twos are so willing to abandon their own desire in order to help someone else who needs it. This year, practice turning inward. Take some time for self-reflection in your goal-setting this year, and prioritize self-care. What goals can you set that will nurture you and meet your needs? If you have to, try building in breaks from others so that you can truly focus on yourself.

2020 Goal: Establish and keep healthy boundaries!

Type 3

Threes love to set goals and work tirelessly to achieve them, not letting their emotions slow them down. Threes’ desire to be seen as successful at all times can be exhausting. If you are a Three, give yourself time to consult your heart. Ask yourself what will truly bring meaning and value to your life, rather than settling for validation from others. Take time for some real self-reflection and set some goals that are for yourself only. Don’t head to social media to promote your goal. Keep it close to your heart and you’ll find value in setting goals that are personally meaningful but private—accountable just to yourself.  

2020 Goal: Build in more personal time for hobbies that have nothing to do with achievements or impressing your audience!

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Type 4

Sweet, introverted Fours. They often have a LOT of feelings and tend to go inward when dealing with emotions. Fours also have a tendency to fall into a pattern of fantasizing about creating a more idyllic world inside their head, rather than connecting with the real day-to-day. It’s easy to daydream. This year, set goals with built-in structure and measurable steps. Instead of aspiring to fix a perceived flaw, set goals that are positive and results-oriented.

2020 Goal: Create an enjoyable, but productive daily routine complete with systems!

Type 5

Fives are another type that prefer to withdraw inwardly and on their own. They often get stuck in the analyzing and conceptualizing phase. Try setting goals where you take a leap before you have everything 100 percent mapped out and planned. You just need to get started. Rather than thinking about your goals and overanalyzing endless possibilities, focus on one or two concrete objectives. Get grounded and implement them in your daily life.

2020 Goal: Launch that new side project you’ve been dreaming about!

Type 6

Sixes thrive on feelings of safety and security. They’re incredibly responsible and dependable. If they analyze a situation or project and feel their sense of security threatened, they won’t follow through. Don’t let fear get in the way of committing to the goals that are most important to you. Don’t overthink it. Listen to your inner voice and select a goal and process that resonates with you.

2020 Goal: Go on a meditation retreat and learn to calm the inner dialogue.

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Type 7

For Sevens, more is more. We know that you love to have a whole backlog of experiences ready to go, just in case your current situation doesn’t feel satisfying anymore. Sevens thrive on feeling happy, fulfilled and free, and will do whatever they need to to achieve that feeling. It’s a blessing and a curse because it means you have lots of great ideas. This year, focus on one to two important things rather than trying to do it all.

2020 Goal: Train for and run a half marathon!

Type 8

Eights thrive on reaching their goals because they are the movers and shakers. They know how to do what they need to do in order to succeed, and sometimes at the expense of others. This year, consciously choose to empower the people in your life. It’s easy to put a lot of zest and energy into your goals. Be gentle with yourself and your efforts. Choose goals that will nurture your heart, and tap into your protective, community-driven nature.

2020 Goal: Commit to volunteering on an ongoing basis at a local organization.

Type 9

The Peacemakers always struggle with the uncomfortable feeling that comes with anticipating a new year. This year, challenge yourself to get uncomfortable and really dig deep to see where you can improve this year, instead of retreating into your inner “happy place.” As a lover of routine, let that work in your favor. Set goals that you can work into routines that will build new, meaningful habits in your daily life.

2020 Goal: Pick and commit to learning a new skill this year like a new language or photography.

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Author: Samantha Welker

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