19 Sustainable Gifts For The Environmentalist In Your Life

I actually got the idea for this post when my mom requested that for Christmas this year I help her “get started with using less plastic.” She’s always interested in the reusable straws I carry around, or the silicone snack bags I pack my son’s lunch in. So as I was shopping for her (shhh…don’t tell her about this post), I thought I’d share with you all of my favorite sustainable gifts this holiday season.

The Sill Houseplants

Everyone loves plants. They are universally the best gift you can give. I love using The Sill because it can deliver houseplants to your loved ones, and there are a ton of different options. I also love that you can send them potted or unpotted, depending on your preference.


Ayurvedic Copper Water Bottle

Inspired by the Ayurvedic practice of tamra jal (or, storing water in copper vessels), this luxe bottle is crafted from natural copper, which is believed to help neutralize toxins as it ionizes and balances the pH of water. So not only are you ditching plastic water bottles and saving the sea turtles (more on that later), you’re also giving the gift of wellness. 


Sustainable Hemp Cosmetic Case

Hemp fabric is more eco-friendly than cotton, so you’ll feel good about carrying your favorite clean beauty products in here.

This Is A Good Guide – for a Sustainable Lifestyle

I mean, the title kind of says it all.


Reusable Utensil Set

This set comes with everything you need to make sure you never pick up a plastic utensil again. It comes with a fork, spoon, knife, chopsticks and straw, so you’re set.

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Patagonia Fisherman Beanie

Made out of 100 percent recycled materials, we love anything from Patagonia because it donates 1 percent of all sales to environmental causes.


Everlane ReNew Long Puffer Coat

Everlane is another brand that utilizes recycled materials, and this puffer coat is functional and sustainable.


Girlfriend Collective Activewear

One of our all-time favorite sustainable brands, Girlfriend makes its activewear out of recycled plastic bottles. There are colors and sizes for everyone, so you’ll definitely want to add these to your list.

Charcoal Filtered Bottle To Go

Using just one of these coconut-powered filters will save you from drinking 150 plastic water bottles.

Market Backpack

The ultimate backpack for your weekly farmers’ market trips. And it’s on mega sale right now, so don’t dilly-dally.

Socks That Plant Trees

Each pair of socks purchased plants a tree in Sub-Saharan African communities.

Daughter of the Land Shampoo Bars

Looking to use less plastic in your beauty routine? Shampoo bars are a great solution and we love these from Daughter of the Land.


Adopt a Sea Turtle

Chances are, you don’t really need anymore stuff, am I right? I always ask family that instead of adding to my son’s ever-growing toy stash, that they “adopt” an animal for him. He gets a stuffed animal and a certificate, and the gift itself does some good for the environment.

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Allbirds Runners

Allbirds uses all recycled and natural materials. The fact that these shoes are so incredibly comfortable is just a bonus.


Collapsible Coffee Cup

No more paper coffee cups on the go! This one is collapsible so you can always keep it compact in your bag and ready to go.


Linen Produce Bags Set

Ditch the single-use plastic bags at the store and swap them with these antimicrobial, biodegradable linen produce bags.


Kate Spade Book Tote

Meet your new favorite library book bag, shopping bag, everything bag.

Rose Gold Single Blade Razor

No more plastic razors in 2020! This rose gold one is such beautiful quality and makes the perfect sustainable gift.


Stasher Sandwich Bags

These silicone sandwich bags are a game changer. No more single-use plastic bags here! Plus, you can throw these in the dishwasher, freezer or microwave!


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Author: Samantha Welker

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