How To Travel Sustainably This Holiday Season

Living a sustainable lifestyle is something that so many people, including us here at Glitter Guide, strive to do more of in everyday life. We’ve even covered many ways you can live more sustainably, from feminine products, home goods, beauty, must-have items if you’re on a budget, party ideas, clothing brands, and apps. While living sustainably in everyday life is very important, why not take it a step further and try to be more sustainable while traveling? Yes, it is possible!

According to a Sustainable Travel Report released by, 87 percent of global travelers say that they want to travel sustainably. Nearly four in 10 (39 percent) say that they often or always manage to do so; but 48 percent report that they never, rarely, or only sometimes manage to travel sustainably. That suggests that while most travelers want to travel more sustainably, many might not know how to do that.

Here are a few ways to help you travel more sustainably this holiday season and year-round:

Avoid air travel, if possible.

While some destinations obviously require the use of air travel, for those locations that do not require it, consider driving or taking the train to get to where you need to go. Air travel might be the quickest way to get somewhere, but unfortunately, it’s also the least sustainable way to travel. If air travel is necessary, take a look at which airlines have the lowest emissions per passenger mile before booking your trip.

Opt for eco-conscious accommodations.

The report found that for 46 percent of travelers, “sustainable travel” means staying in eco-friendly or green accommodations. Fortunately, there are a lot of options when it comes to hotels that make eco-friendly practices a priority. Some of the ways hotels are doing this is by energy and water conservation, recycling, providing natural and eco-friendly bathroom amenities for guests, offering alternatives to bottled water, and more.

Pack reusable items.

When packing your suitcase, try filling it with items that are reusable and eco-friendly. For example, pack a reusable shopping bag to use when shopping, bring your own zero-waste toiletries,  and carry around your own utensils, container for leftovers, and water bottle. These are just a few things that are super easy to pack in your suitcase, but make a big difference.

Shop local.

Support local and small businesses by only buying locally made food and products. This will not only leave you with a special way to remember your trip, but let’s be honest, you’ll probably end up with cooler and more unique items this way, and you’re more likely to be proud to gift them or display them in your home. Consider items that have lasting value, such as art and ceramics for yourself, and yummy, locally made gifts for friends and family, such as chocolates or olive oil.

Reduce energy and water consumption.

Choosing an eco-friendly hotel is one way to ensure you’re doing your part to travel more sustainably, but there are ways you can take this even further by reducing your own energy consumption. This can be done by making sure you unplug your mobile phone charger and other devices, turn off the lights at night and when you leave the room, and avoid long showers or running water when not necessary.

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Author: Nicole Altavilla

Nicole Altavilla is an accomplished freelance writer and editor who loves to spend time with her husband and two adorable children. Among others, her interests include being pampered at the spa, drinking hot tea and reading a good book.