The Sofa Swap That Upgraded My Living Room

My house is in a constant state of editing. While it could feel like a form of insanity, mostly it brings me joy and gives me something to work on. I rent a townhouse, which means I have a small space and I can’t do too much to the house itself. Mixing up the décor is my way of giving the house a fresh feel. Back in 2015, we got the Sven Charme Sofa from Article and fell in love with it! It was exactly what we were looking for and really comfortable, but it was time to try something new. Meet Article’s Cigar Sofa in Tan—a beautiful rawhide sofa that is effortlessly cool and simple.

Article Cigar Sofa in Tan

What first drew me to this sofa was its low profile. It reminded me of so many of the sofas from the ’70s and ’80s that I have saved to my Pinterest (see examples here and here). I’ve always been drawn to retro interiors with a modern touch. This sofa meets that criteria perfectly. I also love the large rounded corners and super buttery leather. Article does leather sofas so well and without it being insanely expensive. That’s the beauty of Article: It makes shopping so easy and convenient by being online only and the value for the quality cannot be beat. I know this from personal experience with our previous sofa (another one unsurprisingly from Article Sven Charme Tan Sofa) that the leather holds up. Plus, it looks better with wear and tear, which is ideal when your home includes two young children and a dog. For even more comfort, we added throw pillows. That is the only thing I would note, there aren’t any pillows so you will have to add them if you’re used to more support. I styled the room with warm, feminine pieces to give it a soft and cozy vibe (my personal favorite). I took inspiration from the Aussies (think beachy with rustic warm tones) and 1970’s influences.

Article Seno oak media unit, vintage bookends, Rachel Saunders wave incense holder, ceramic vase from Leif Shop, Parachute Home candle, candlesticks and candles from June Supply, Noguchi paper lamp

To match our low-profile sofa, we picked Article’s Seno Oak Media Unit. I’m so happy with this. I didn’t know I could love a media unit as much as I love this one. It gives our small space more room to breathe. It’s not in your face, and really opens up the room. The light oak color is soft and feminine to complement my décor. It’s lightweight, which makes it easy for me to move around. It’s beautifully made and has a Danish vibe that I’m partially drawn to. And after six years, we finally had our television hung up on the wall. Life changing, people. Life changing.

I’ve discovered that my interior style is always evolving. I think of myself as a bit of a style chameleon, which I’m totally fine with since I get bored rather easily. Right now, I may be into neutrals and beachy vibes and next year I may be into rustic, country. Who knows! The biggest thing is to not spend too much money on trendy pieces and save for the timeless ones. Things like art prints, thrifted books and throw pillows can be found for a decent price. I love shopping at thrift stores, consignment stores, Etsy, Target and Urban Outfitters for most of my home décor.

Here are a few other amazing items at Article right now that have caught my eye: Leap LED black sconce lamp, Beam double nickle floor lamp and the Rus black dining chair.

Article Cigar sofa in tan, Pampa circle pillow, art from Etsy in a Framed & Matted frame, Lulu and Georgia throw pillows, coffee table and rug, cb2 lamp, IKEA pouf, large basket from Cameron Marks

Thank you to Article for kindly gifting these two items. This post is not sponsored. All opinions are my own. 

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Author: Taylor Sterling

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