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I’m not surprised that a cozy lifestyle has become somewhat of a trend. These days, we all seem to be drowning is busyness, constantly on-the-go and feeling the pressure to do it all. Being cozy is the antithesis of the fast-paced lifestyle. It’s choosing to slow down with a set of rituals that fill you with warmth and comfort. It’s like a big hug. I like to think of being cozy as my truest form of self. Nothing fancy, shiny or inspiring about it. I’ve practically designed my entire life around being cozy. As my 6-year-old loves to say, “Mom, cozy is you’re favorite thing!”

For each of us, what feels cozy will vary. I’ve shared some of my favorite cozy rituals on my personal site last year and I thought I would elaborate on them here for you. Maybe there are a few things you can try to become a fellow cozy aficionado.

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  • A Cozy Corner: Who gets cozy in wide open spaces? You need a snug little corner to make your sanctuary. Fill it with books, a record player and a large blanket.
  • Lighting Candles: Nothing says cozy like a house filled with burning candles. I even find the act of lighting the candles to be soothing. I like a mix of deliciously smelling candles and then candlesticks for a more romantic vibe.
  • A Warm Beverage: Let’s face it, cold things just aren’t cozy. We need hot food and drinks only. As much as I love a hot cup of coffee in the morning and sometimes before bed, a cup of tea is the ultimate in comfort. I love an English Breakfast with homemade almond milk.
  • Take A Walk: This may seem controversial, but a walk outside is very cozy to me. I love connecting to nature especially during the fall. Even in the winter, a quick walk (in lots of warm snuggly layers) can be a nice way to slow down.
  • Listen To Music: For me, music is food for my soul. I’m hardly without it. I make playlists for pretty much everything. I especially love an evening of cooking, with a glass of wine and a cozy playlist playing in the background. Right now, I’m loving this playlist by Eve Babitz for Girls at Library for this type of evening.
  • Cozy Clothes: There are so many cute loungewear pieces available these days, but to be honest, they aren’t my go-to for snuggly nights. Being cozy is about feeling good, and for me that means a hodgepodge of warm, oversized and snuggly pieces that may not be the most attractive, but make me feel good. Think hiking socks tucked over your sweatpants, a thermal layered under an old baggy T-shirt and an extremely fuzzy sweatshirt that acts as a blanket.
  • Mood Lighting: I have a thing about lighting. I don’t like bright artificial lights for anything. All the lights in my home are soft and moody (much to my husband’s dismay). Also, I channel my inner child with twinkle lights in as many rooms as I can get away with.
  • Blankets Galore: I’ve been a blanket person since birth. I even carry one in my suitcase when traveling (ya, I’m that person). My 3-year-old son is the same way. Blankets are security. They make you feel safe and block you out from the harsh world. Therefore, I have them all over my home so that we can cuddle with one at any moment.
  • A Hot Bath: Say no more, right? A hot shower is pretty magical, too. Preferably at night.
  • Feel Good Movies: I get so excited for movie night. Sometimes I have them multiple times a week just to keep reliving the feeling. A cozy movie-watching session just feels so good. Here’s a good movie list for you to use.
  • Read A Book: A warm fire and a good book is as comforting as a long hug!
  • Anything Cooking-Related: To be honest, I’m not even much of a cook and yet cooking makes me feel so warm and fuzzy. Give me a hot tea, a snuggly blanket and old episodes of “Nigella Bites” and I am one happy girl!
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Did I miss one of your favorite cozy rituals? Send us a DM with yours!


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