Here’s What Successful Women Do At The Beginning Of The New Year (Hint, It’s Not About Resolutions)

We’re only a handful of days away from the beginning of a new year. Heck, we’re only a handful of days away from a new decade! Everywhere you turn right now, you’re likely to bump into an article on New Year’s resolutions. This post isn’t about that. And here’s why: New Year’s resolutions aren’t realistic. When’s the last time you accomplished something huge in September and said, “It was all thanks to my New Year’s resolution!” Because resolutions aren’t sustainable. If you truly want 2020 to be your best year yet, let’s get rid of the concept of resolutions and focus on tangible things that successful women do at the beginning of each new year.

1. They put in time for reflection

You can’t move forward if you’re still stuck in the past. Successful women aren’t really “fly by the seat of their pants” type of people. If you really want to have the best year yet, you have to take time for real reflection on the previous year. If you want to walk into the new year with the right insights and set yourself up for success, you have to reflect on the previous one. Reflecting helps you to develop your skills and review their effectiveness, rather than just carry on doing things as you have always done them. The most important thing to remember is it’s not about beating yourself up for the things you’ve done “wrong.” Reflecting should be about celebrating and rejoicing, not dwelling on past mistakes

Ask yourself:

  • What was my mindset this year? Where did I put my focus?
  • What did I spend too much time worrying about this year? Was it worth it?
  • What made me feel most fulfilled this year in my career?
  • In what ways did I grow as a person this year?
  • When was I happiest this year? What were the circumstances?

2. They identify positive habits

No, you don’t have to commit to losing 20 pounds this year. But you can commit to waking up an hour earlier or going for a walk each day. Successful women don’t view positive and healthy habits as “goals,” which may or may not be achieved. Because that allows you to get into the mindset that it’s OK to skip them. Instead, they become a part of the daily routine. That way, there’s no failure associated with the habit if it isn’t completed. They commit to these positive habits, schedule them into their daily routine, and reap the rewards.

3. They book important appointments

As soon as everyone goes back to work on Jan. 2, the wheels start spinning and life gets busy. One of the most common traits of a successful woman is her ability to plan ahead. Remember the 10 things every grown-ass woman must do? Pencil those in now. Schedule your yearly female wellness exam. Book that dental checkup. Get all the important, responsible to-dos on the calendar and get them out of the way. It’s really easy to forget these things when life gets busy.

4. They start out fresh

No one wants to wake up on Jan. 1 to clutter, physically and mentally. Take some time before the end of the year to clean out your closet, your beauty stash, your pantry and everything else. It feels so, so good to start the new year out with no extra crap weighing you down. A cluttered closet is a cluttered mind, they say. There’s a reason why Steve Jobs wore a uniform. Information overload can lead to “decision fatigue.” That’s why some of the most successful entrepreneurs have chosen to wear similar clothes each day to reduce the decisions they have to make. Take inventory of what’s coming and going. 

“Tomorrow I will be gifted with a brand new year—with no mistakes in it yet, and no heartbreaks yet, and no failures yet. I get to try again. Amazing.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

5. They express gratitude

No accomplished woman got to where they are by themselves. The new year and the holiday season is a great time to thank your mentors and biggest fans for supporting you. Successful people don’t forget the people who supported them along the way. Even if 2019 wasn’t your favorite year, there are still wins and successes that you can express gratitude for. Whether through a journal or over coffee, expressing your gratitude out loud helps manifest positivity into the new year. 

6. They visualize success

Visualization and manifestation are crucial to entering the new year on a positive note. Successful women often believe that if they can imagine it, they can make it happen. Reflection is important, but manifestation and visualization is just as vital to a great year. Create a vision board, or any other kind of visualization that helps keep these dreams at the forefront of your mind. Imagining yourself succeeding and living the life you want will put it out into the universe and help propel you forward into making it happen. 

featured image via our home tour with Dee Tang.

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Author: Samantha Welker

Samantha Welker is the business manager at Glitter Guide. She has an Master's in Corporate Finance & Sustainability from Harvard Business School but prefers working in the creative industry. She also hosts a weekly business podcast for creative women called Pretty Okay Podcast. She loves spending time with her husband and her son, Rocky, in sunny San Diego. Follow along on Instagram