January Theme: Best Year Ever

Happy 2020! I can’t believe we’re in a brand-new decade. This takes ‘fresh start’ to a whole new level.

While some people aren’t fans of the “new year, new me” vibe, here at Glitter Guide, we like to view it as a time to recalibrate. It’s not about making empty promises and then beating yourself up for falling back into bad habits. It’s about taking the time to reflect upon the last year (heck, maybe even the last 10 years) and examining what you want to improve upon. Taking time to reflect will allow you to see what you want to ditch, what you want to gain and what you want to keep doing. I find times of reflection really cathartic. I try to flip negative narratives into things I can learn from and (hopefully) be grateful for.

Best Year Ever

I usually avoid using cheesy proclamations like “Best Year Ever,” but why beat around the bush? This month is all about setting yourself up for an awesome year, maybe even your best year! If you’ve been following along with our goals and intentions for creativity newsletter, you will already be set with tools to help you get organized for this new year.

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In the newsletter series, we talk about taking time to reflect, create values and then how to set goals in a way that will set you up for success. I recommend you start there. Then this month, we will spend time elaborating on things like creative career planning, optimal wellness and things you can do to start the year off feeling empowered.

While we want you to feel like a total Girl Boss, we also realize that life is a lot more nuanced then that and you’re going to have struggles. That’s part of why we write so much about self-care, imposter syndrome, perfectionism and many other things that can affect our self-esteem and creativity. So while this month may be about having a kick-ass year, keep in mind that we also acknowledge the ups and down that come with trying to thrive.

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Author: Taylor Sterling

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