7 Definitive Cases For Bright Rugs In Your Space

We like bright rugs and we cannot lie…sorry, I couldn’t help myself! But our love of bright, colorful rugs is true. A lot of times when decorating a home, people opt for neutral, muted rugs to blend in with their space. But we are here to make a case for shaking it up and bringing some color into your space. When it’s done right, a bright, colorful rug doesn’t have to clash or feel overwhelming. These spaces did it the right way and just might inspire you to bring in a little color.

Sam’s Holiday Home Tour

When I got my new rug, it was during the holidays, so I thought it would be fun to do a little holiday home tour. Don’t worry though, the bright pink rug lives in our living room year-round.

Natalie Papier’s Home Tour

Natalie’s home is full of patterns and colors. She effortlessly weaves the two together to create a colorful oasis.

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Courtney Halverson’s Home Tour

This emerald green rug with bright florals is a stunning statement all on its own, but paired with that royal blue velvet couch? It’s a dream.

Clare Vivier’s Home Tour

Clare’s home is full of color, including multiple bright rugs. There’s just too much gorgeousness for us to pick a favorite.

Elsie Larson’s Home Tour

Pink and yellow can be a little overwhelming as interior décor, but this rug makes a solid case for incorporating them into your home. Sometimes, more really is better.

Ariel Gordon’s Home Tour

Our friend Ariel’s home is another pattern-filled space that we can’t get enough of. Her living room boasts the coolest pink rug, but there’s plenty more where that came from in her colorful home.

Sam’s Spring Bedroom Refresh

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Me again! Told you I love bright rugs. Last spring, I revamped our bedroom with our (now sold-out) Elodie rug to bring some much-needed color into the space.


Bright, colorful rugs we’re loving:

Coastal Shag Rug

Mollie Printed Rug

Reiko Vintage Persian Area Rug

Sabira Printed Chenille Rug

Tufted Loxley Rug

Tufted Lucy Rug

Multi Bohemian Medallion Rug

Vintage Mackenzie Rug

Hand-Tufted Elvira Rug

Handmade Aspen Dahlia Boho Tribal Wool Rug

Plush Trellis Abstract Carnival Rug

Vintage Cactus Kilim Design Rug No. 30


Shop bright + colorful rugs:


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