7 Definitive Cases For Bright Rugs In Your Space

We like bright rugs and we cannot lie…sorry, I couldn’t help myself! But our love of bright, colorful rugs is true. A lot of times when decorating a home, people opt for neutral, muted rugs to blend in with their space. But we are here to make a case for shaking it up and bringing some color into your space. When it’s done right, a bright, colorful rug doesn’t have to clash or feel overwhelming. These spaces did it the right way and just might inspire you to bring in a little color.

Sam’s Holiday Home Tour

When I got my new rug, it was during the holidays, so I thought it would be fun to do a little holiday home tour. Don’t worry though, the bright pink rug lives in our living room year-round.

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Natalie Papier’s Home Tour

Natalie’s home is full of patterns and colors. She effortlessly weaves the two together to create a colorful oasis.

Courtney Halverson’s Home Tour

This emerald green rug with bright florals is a stunning statement all on its own, but paired with that royal blue velvet couch? It’s a dream.

Clare Vivier’s Home Tour

Clare’s home is full of color, including multiple bright rugs. There’s just too much gorgeousness for us to pick a favorite.

Elsie Larson’s Home Tour

Pink and yellow can be a little overwhelming as interior décor, but this rug makes a solid case for incorporating them into your home. Sometimes, more really is better.

Ariel Gordon’s Home Tour

Our friend Ariel’s home is another pattern-filled space that we can’t get enough of. Her living room boasts the coolest pink rug, but there’s plenty more where that came from in her colorful home.

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Sam’s Spring Bedroom Refresh

Me again! Told you I love bright rugs. Last spring, I revamped our bedroom with our (now sold-out) Elodie rug to bring some much-needed color into the space.


Bright, colorful rugs we’re loving:

Coastal Shag Rug

Mollie Printed Rug

Reiko Vintage Persian Area Rug

Sabira Printed Chenille Rug

Tufted Loxley Rug

Tufted Lucy Rug

Multi Bohemian Medallion Rug

Vintage Mackenzie Rug

Hand-Tufted Elvira Rug

Handmade Aspen Dahlia Boho Tribal Wool Rug

Plush Trellis Abstract Carnival Rug

Vintage Cactus Kilim Design Rug No. 30


Shop bright + colorful rugs:


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Author: Samantha Welker

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