You Can Find These 7 Currently Coveted Fashion Trends At Your Local Thrift Shop

Fashion is cyclical, so, eventually, what’s old is new again. And with the latest focus being on fashion’s effects of the environment, it’s important to support sustainable shopping trends. Thrifting has been a long tradition, but more recently thanks to shopping sites and apps like Poshmark and ThredUp, you don’t even have to sift through racks if you don’t want to.

If you’re afraid you won’t find any current styles, then rest assured that trends won’t be hard to nail, even if you are buying resale items. We bet you won’t have any trouble finding something fashion-forward for the season, even if it was previously loved by someone else.

Oversized Suits

via Grazia Daily

Finally, the perfect chance to find something you love and be able to wear it…even though it’s a couple of sizes too big. If you’re not ready to rock this style all of the way, then you can pair the large jacket with a short skirt.


via Pinterest

If you don’t already have a pair that you kept from your mother’s closet, then there’s a good chance you’ll find some great vintage bell-bottoms at your local thrift store. If a full-on bell-bottom is just too wide a leg cute for you, then go for a slim cut with a flair.


via Collection201

You’ll definitely find some authentic loafers at the thrift store. You may even need to look in the men’s section, but as long as it fits, they’re perfect. They are great for dressing up most casual outfits.

Big Sleeves

via British Vogue

It was all about the sleeves once, and it is again! The bigger and puffier, the better. There’s a chance you’ll feel the look is too avant-garde, but give it a chance.


via StyleCaster

There’s no way yo walk out of any thrift store without seeing something crocheted. This trend is hardly just reserved for the beach anymore. It’s a great playful look that’s perfect for when the weather gets warmer.


via Cosmopolitan

Ready for a very model-off-duty-inspired outfit? You’ll be sure to find some hotpants while thrifting. Arguably one of the most versatile trends of the season, there are so many ways to play with short-shorts.

Bermuda Shorts

via WhoWhatWear

Once a vacation staple, Bermuda shorts are back and bigger than ever. In 2020, the Bermuda means business, and they are being dressed up with blazers and tailored accessories.

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Author: Wendy Vazquez

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