8 Creative Indoor Garden Ideas For Anyone Who Doesn’t Have Outdoor Space

When you’re limited on space or live in an area where lush greenery is hard to come by, try opting for an indoor garden. You’d be amazed at what you can grow indoors with the right type of soil, supplies and natural light. Beyond your typical low-light houseplants, you can grow certain fruits, herbs and greenery galore. Get some inspiration from these homes that have successfully grown a beautiful garden indoors.

Stacey Blake’s Home

Citrus trees are the easiest fruit-bearing trees to grow indoors. Of course, you’ll want to stick with a “dwarf” variety of lemons, limes or oranges, but you can absolutely have your fruit and eat it, too.

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Lindsay Wallstrum Home Tour

Plants + shelves = best friends. Since you can’t plant directly in the ground when you’re indoors, pots and planters are the next best thing. Use different levels of height to create a fuller appearance when working indoors.

Regina Moomjean’s Home Tour

We have a deep love for hanging plants, especially when you’re limited on space. Group them together in close clusters if you’re looking for a lush, jungle vibe.

Leslie Musser Home Tour

Vertical gardens are a great, efficient way to grow a variety of plants indoors.


This small apartment gives us total greenhouse vibes with the use of space and plants lining the ceiling.

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Grow an entire culinary herb garden in your kitchen window, even if you don’t have the shelf space. Create a hanging herb garden and utilize that natural light for a thriving result.


DIY your own indoor garden by creating a wood trellis that also serves as a statement piece.


It doesn’t take much for a hanging plant like a pothos to go wild. Create a tropical garden vibe by helping it wind around light fixtures or other high areas of the room.

Start your own indoor garden:


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