I Recreated Some Of My Favorite Childhood Outfits And I Looked Surprisingly Cute

I loved playing dress up when I was a kid. I was your pretty stereotypical “girly girl.” I refused to wear jeans until the 4th grade, preferring dresses and leggings. When I got to high school, I even kept a weekly “log” of my outfits as to avoid repeating for a certain period of time. I know, how very Cher Horowitz of me. You guys, I even followed a “On Wednesdays We Wear Pink” rule well through my last year of high school. I’ve always loved fashion. When I was at my parents’ house the other day, my mom had out a photo album and I was reminiscing over some of my favorite childhood outfits.

So I had the idea to recreate some of my favorite outfits with a more “grown up” twist. And if we’re being honest, some were definitely more successful than others, especially since I was trying to use mostly what was already in my own closet. But overall, the results were surprisingly cute.

I loved this outfit, and those boots so, so much.

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I couldn’t find any rainbow-studded white boots, but I did find some embellished white booties that did the trick. Maybe one day I’ll be reunited with my dream boots.

Dress (similar) // Boots


Another pair of boots that got away from me. I would wear pink fringe boots with lace tights today, no questions asked. But since I don’t own either of those, here’s the best I could do.

I actually ended up liking this look more than I thought I would!

Sweatshirt (similar) // Denim Skirt (similar) // Boots


Look at that professional mix n’ matching of patterns. I could never pull that off as effortlessly today 😉.

Also, I couldn’t find a polka dot jumper to save my life, so this recreated look was probably my least favorite.

T-shirt // Jumper // Shoes


I’ll never forget when my grandma brought me back this dress from one of her trips to Paris (grandma was fancy like that). I never wanted to take it off. This was another one that I had a hard time recreating, but the original was just too good.

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OK, yes, this may be considered the “sexier” version of this look and not quite as cutesy, but you work with what you have available!

Skirt (similar) // Top (similar) // Shoes

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