5 Must-Know Secrets Of French-Girl Hair

In another part of our quest for a Parisian-inspired lifestyle, we’re looking at what it takes for that perfectly sophisticated and effortless French-girl hair. But we all know even that “effortless” look takes a little planning and maintenance. Here’s everything you need to know about achieving your own trés chic tresses.

Ditch the hairdryer

It’s time to break up with your heat styling tools. Keep it simple by air drying your hair in the warmer months, and utilizing a hair towel in the colder months. Using a hair towel specifically for drying your hair will help prevent frizz and breakage. Make sure to also use a few smoothing or volumizing products depending upon your hair’s natural texture. While you’re at it, you’ll also want to ditch the flat iron. French women love sexy, messy hair that isn’t styled to death.



Fall in love with second-day hair

If you currently wash your hair every day, or even every other day, it’s time to knock it off. French women generally wash their hair twice a week and upkeep their look with dry shampoo and a lightweight hair oil.



Treat your hair weekly

Washing your hair more often doesn’t necessarily mean healthier hair. In fact, overwashing can thin your hair and strip it of natural oils. As you cut down on washing, indulge in one luxury treatment a week to keep your hair strong and healthy. Whether it’s a hot oil treatment or a hydrating mask, incorporate a weekly treatment into your beauty routine for healthy, happy hair.



Get the right haircut

You have to start with the right base if you want to achieve the effortless French-girl vibe. French women keep it simple, yet chic when it comes to their hairstyles. If you want to get the cool French-girl look, try one of these styles the next time you’re at the salon:

Long bob with bangs


The Jane Birkin (aka one length and bangs)


Short bob with short bangs


Easy layers if you have wavy or curly hair


Don’t forget the scent

We all know French women love their signature perfumes, and this also includes their hair. Add a light spritz throughout your hair for the perfect whiff of scent throughout the day.



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Author: Samantha Welker

Samantha Welker is the business manager at Glitter Guide. She has an Master's in Corporate Finance & Sustainability from Harvard Business School but prefers working in the creative industry. She also hosts a weekly business podcast for creative women called Pretty Okay Podcast. She loves spending time with her husband and her son, Rocky, in sunny San Diego. Follow along on Instagram