How To Find The Perfect Pair Of Vintage Jeans

Finding the perfect pair of vintage jeans is kind of like seeing a unicorn. Thankfully, it doesn’t require magic, but it does require patience and planning. What I love about vintage jeans is the history; imagining all the lives they’ve lived before coming into mine. Plus, it’s better for the environment to wear thrifted jeans. If the thought of rummaging through thrift shops for that elusive pair intimidates you, then we’re here to help. Here are some tips for finding your next vintage denim gem!

Finding The Right Size

This is probably the hardest part about vintage jeans. No pair is created equal. You really can’t adhere to modern size conventions and you simply have to try them all on. Shopping online for vintage denim isn’t really a good ideas unless you’re a real pro at this. Get familiar with your measurements and bring a tape measure with you when shopping. Quality vintage denim usually won’t have a lot of stretch so don’t rely on them stretching out after wear. If they feel too tight it probably means you should find another size.

Go Prepared

Take time before you hit the shops to know what your ideal pair looks like. Are they straight-legged, flared, light wash or dark wash? Knowing what your dream pair looks like will help you weed through all the jeans you come across and save you time and effort. I like to save images to a Pinterest board or in my Saved section on IG to bring along with me.

Make Them Your Own

If you found a pair that is pretty close to your dream pair but they still need some help, consider taking them to the tailor. Maybe you can crop them to hit right at your ankle (my favorite length), or sew patches on parts with holes or wear on them. Get creative on what you can make work.

Be Prepared To Spend Extra

After years of shopping for vintage denim, I’ve realized most of the really good pairs are going to be at vintage shops and may have a heftier price tag than you expected. Sure, you can find that amazing pair at a thrift shop, but it’s much less likely. A vintage store that is a lot more selective or that specializes in vintage denim is a great way to go. Hopefully if you do find that dream pair you will own them for a very long time and it will be worth every penny!

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Author: Taylor Sterling

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