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We’re close to the end of our “social media” theme this month, but we couldn’t let it pass without sharing some of our favorite artists we discovered on IG. One of our favorite parts about social media is all the creative individuals we discover that we may not have ever been aware of without this little app. Artists are one of the most beautiful parts of social media. From pottery to illustration, these are just a few of the incredible artists we love to follow on IG.

We adore Jen Ament and her unique paintings and prints. You can learn more about Jen and what creativity means to her in our interview here.


Tatyana Fazlalizadeh is an incredible artist who uses her talent to give a voice to women and minorities. In her book, Stop Telling Women To Smile, Tatyana uses her street portraits to explore how women experience hostility in communities that are supposed to be homes. She addresses the pervasiveness of street harassment, its effects and the kinds of activism that can serve to counter it.



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Two from 2019

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B.D. Graft is an Amsterdam-based artist who creates whimsical drawings and paintings, often inspired by plants. You can see his work on display right now in New York through April 11.



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This piece has absolutely nothing to do with the flower show next year but let me be clear…IT’S A BIG MOOD

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CJ Hendry is an incredible contemporary Australian artist known for hyper-realistic, large-scale renderings of luxury objects using a self-developed scribbling technique. Her work is truly jaw-dropping.



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getting all my little babies ready – shop update tomorrow 〰️

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I love Hannah Garvin’s minimalist yet striking ceramics. She’s a small batch artist based in LA, and her pieces are handcrafted and no two individual pieces are the same.



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True story: yesterday I was walking down the street in North Portland and a man named John came out of a coffee shop & yelled after me. “Lisa!” he shouted until he caught up with me. “I follow you on Instagram. I know you are going through some hard things, and I wanted to give you a hug.” It was one of those simple, beautiful moments. I dissolved into tears after we hugged and he walked away. And I realized 2019 was the year I began allowing myself to absorb kindness and love from strangers (even those who approach me in the street), something that was never easy for me before. 2019 was also the year I turned from 50 to 51; it was the year I grew my first grey hairs; and the year I toiled over and finished three new books (including two children’s books!); it was the year I released my eighth book into the world (which you have so lovingly received); and the year I traveled to over 20 different cities (some for work, some for pleasure) and flew on more airplanes than I’ve ever been on in my entire life; it was the year I overcame my fear of airplane turbulence!; the year I stood in front of thousands of people and told the most vulnerable parts of my story, not once or twice but six times between February and May (and lived to tell about it); it was the year I launched a brand new e-commerce website; the year I started making ceramics; the year I read more books than I have in one year since I was in my thirties (thanks, in part, to all those airplane rides); it was the year my beloved cat Margaret died after 17 years; and the year I was diagnosed with breast cancer and my life became filled with doctor visits, pamphlets, and the swirling cacophony of information overload; it was the year I celebrated eleven years with my wife; the year I hugged more people than I’ve ever hugged before; the year I said no more than ever before; and the year I felt more connected to the work & relationships I did say yes to; it was also a year of unexpected connection and kinship; a year of preparing for change, paving the way for new experiences, and of deep gratitude. Life is an amazing, bonkers ride. Thank you for being so kind to me, friends. Happy New Year!✨

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Lisa Congdon is another artist who inspires us with everything she creates. We shared her office tour last year and her books are a huge favorite among Team GG.


Chelsea Skye creates “energy art” using written word, digital mediums and paint. We love the mystical feelings and beauty behind each piece.


Madeline Kate Martinez is a Portland-based illustrator who basically uses the color palette of our dreams. You can shop her work on Society6.


Satsuki Shibuya is an artist, poet and spiritual thinker whose work represents her way of translating the energy of the unseen, spiritual world into something more tangible in the real world.


Erica Catherine is an illustrator, motion and surface designer who creates the prettiest pieces with a whimsical twist.


Rachel Urquhart is the super unique Australian artist behind the brand, Pony Gold. We love her use of color and texture that she uses to create ’70s-inspired pieces.


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