How To Stay Active When You Work From Home

As I participate in self-isolation, it’s taught me how essential getting out of the house is for my daily activity. Being trapped inside inspires my inner couch potato to come out, and then it becomes so hard to motivate myself to stay in motion throughout the day.

Many of us are working from home as well, for the first time ever. That makes it so much easier to immediately indulge in laziness once you sign off. Now is the time to take your health into your own hands and ensure that you’re staying in motion for your physical and mental health.

Track It

This method isn’t for everyone, but it’s really helped me. A few months ago, I purchased an Android Watch—I just really wanted it and decided to treat myself. So far, it’s been one of my smartest purchases. Not only does it help me rely less on my phone, but it also tracks all of my movements and exercise. Tracking my current health stats has also helped me create new milestones and challenge myself.

Move While You Work

I like to follow the recommendation of taking a screen break every 50 minutes for at least 10 minutes. I set little calendar alerts until I was able to make it a habit. I get up from my desk a lot and use any excuse to go up and down the stairs. There’s plenty of stretches you can do from your desk as well. If you don’t know of any, thankfully, we have YouTube to look up quick stretches so you’re not sitting for hours on end.

Take a Real Lunch Break

Now more than ever, you have the opportunity to not have to eat a sad salad at your desk for the third time that week. It’s time to take back your lunchtime. Pre-make a healthy lunch the night before so you’re not stuck at the stove and wasting time. I like to eat a quick salad or sandwich and take the dog for a walk or kick the ball around for her.

Other times, I like to eat while on my couch and read a couple of chapters or a magazine depending on how much time I have. Even if it’s a very busy day, I try to take at least 30 minutes to do something that refreshes me before heading back to my desk. Taking time for yourself is essential, especially in the middle of a stressful workday.

Plan For It

If you can’t seem to find the best time for a workout, then you’ll just have to pencil it in like everyone else. The point is, you need to find the time. You have to be physical, even if it’s just for 15 minutes a day. I use a paper planner and Google Calendar to keep track of my work and personal life. I will literally schedule out 30 minutes to do some yoga throughout the week and add it to my calendars. Otherwise, I’d never do it.

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Author: Wendy Vazquez

Wendy is the Editorial Assistant here at the Glitter Guide. She has a background in PR and marketing, but her true passion is editorial. She enjoys all things beauty and lifestyle.