6 Easy Ways We Can Support Small Businesses During COVID-19

There’s no doubt that everyone is struggling right now. Times are uncertain, and even feeling a bit scary. My heart hurts for my friends who are small business owners, because they are one of the biggest groups being impacted by the current climate. Everyone is facing financial strains, but even if you can’t afford to support them with your dollars, here are some ways you can help provide relief and support your favorite small businesses during COVID-19.

Shop small

Of course, the biggest one is supporting small businesses with your purchases. If you are fortunate enough to have disposable income or are in need of a certain item, consider buying from a small business rather than a big-box store. A lot of smaller brick-and-mortar stores don’t make a lot of their income through online sales, but if you’re able, consider placing an order. My favorite local bookstore has had to close its doors, but recently implemented an online ordering system to help them stay afloat. It’s true, the books I ordered could be found cheaper on Amazon, but for a few extra dollars, you can help and support the larger team behind your favorite small businesses.

Leave good reviews

If you can’t afford to support your favorite small businesses right now, consider leaving them a positive review on Yelp or Google. It helps boost their online presence so people who are able to spend $$ are more likely to purchase from the small businesses who need it most. Plus, it’s a 100 percent free way to brighten someone’s day!

Order out


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FOR TO-GO / DELIVERY &&& we’re throwing cinnamon sugar around our kitchens rn to celebrate. SAT-SUN 9AM-12:30.

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A lot of your favorite restaurants are offering take-out and delivery in order to stay afloat. Even restaurants that normally don’t offer these services have jumped on the bandwagon in order to financially support their operations. Everyone has to eat, so might as well use your dollars to help small, local eateries stay in business.

Buy gift cards


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The last week has been full of so much uncertainty and honestly, fear. More than ever before, it has been an honor to provide you all with flowers – to brighten your homes, carry messages of apology, bring hope for sunnier days ahead. Due to the “safer at home” mandate, we are closing our doors at Native Poppy until further notice. We are not sure when we will reopen or what that will look like, but we promise you we will be back to provide our community with pretty. wild. flowers. Thank you to everyone who has place an order, purchased a gift card, tagged us on social media, written a positive business review, and sent messages of encouragement. We are humbled by you all, and are forever grateful for your support. Stay tuned for updates, fun Instagram content, and pretty pictures of flowers to lift your spirits! Stay safe out there, Wild Flowers✨

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My husband is a barber, so we fully understand and feel the effects that the COVID-19 crisis has on the service industry. While many service-based businesses aren’t able to be open and therefore unable to make an income, consider buying a gift card for later use. That way, you can support your favorite hairstylist, flower shop, tattoo artist, etc., even though you aren’t physically able to see them right now.

Share on social media

This is another great free option for supporting your favorite small business owners. Even if you don’t have many followers, all it takes is one person placing an order to make an impact. Even helping your favorite small businesses gain new followers through sharing on your own channels is incredibly valuable and appreciated by business owners.

Visit their blogs

Yes, bloggers are small business owners, too! A lot of bloggers (like us!) rely on ads and impressions for revenue. All you have to do is click on posts and read them! You don’t have to actually click on the ads (although that helps, too!). Just clicking through and reading the posts counts as impressions and helps support your favorite content creators.


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Author: Samantha Welker

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