Our Business Manager’s 9 *Must-Have* Self-Care Items While Sheltering In Place

I’m officially on week two of “sheltering in place” here in California, which means I haven’t left my house in 15 days. No, I’m not bored, I have a 3.5-year-old 🤪. But I do set aside time daily for self-care, since we aren’t in our normal routine. Thank goodness for the Internet, am I right? That 2-Day Flash Shipping from Sephora has been a bright spot in an otherwise murky time.

So while I’m spending all day, every day in my home, these are the nine must-have self-care items I’m leaning on.


Don’t Despair, Repair! Strengthening Treatment Oil

My hair is enjoying the break from heat styling, but it’s also really loving this brand-new treatment oil from Briogeo. I have really fine hair and most oils have a tendency to weigh my hair down, especially “treatment” oils. This one is super-lightweight and my hair is so happy. If you’re like me and counting down the days until you can see your hairstylist, your split ends will love this oil.


Holifrog Como Popp-E Renewal Scrubby Wash

I love this three-in-one product! It’s a bouncy, oil-gel formula that is a face oil, cleansing gel and exfoliant all in one. I have really dry skin and this wash is super-hydrating and sloughs off all the dead skin cells so I can get the most out of my facial treatments (more on that later…).


The Beauty Chef Well Spray

We’re not leaving the house and we are social distancing, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t still taking precautions. This spray is tasty, but also helps support your immunity, digestion and even improves the appearance of hair and nails over time. My husband isn’t amused that every time I use it I quote Ace Ventura and say, “Excuse me sir, but do you have a mint? Perhaps some Binaca?” but it’s fine, I crack myself up.


ReFa Carat

I’ve talked about this weird-looking gadget before, but it really is one of the best investments I’ve ever made. It’s such a treat for my skin and visibly helps me look more awake when I use it in the morning. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, I also have really been loving these Ice Globe Facial Massagers from Aceology.


skyn ICELAND Hydro Cool Brightening Face Mask with Energizing Tourmaline Extract

Don’t be mistaken, these are not sheet masks! They are heaven on your face. But instead of your typical cotton sheet mask with serum, this is on the thicker side and super-cool to the touch. It feels amazing on my face and really calms my temperamental skin down. It’s one of my favorite weekly self-care treats.


Boy Smells Best Buds Bundle

Having my space feel like a sanctuary right now has been crucial to my wellbeing and mental health. This new set from Boy Smells is my favorite. It’s the perfect trio of scents and even my picky husband loves them.


OLEHENRIKSEN Cold Plunge Pore Mask

I have pores the size of dinner plates—they’re giant. I learned long ago that you can’t actually change the size of your pores, but you can help them appear smaller. This clay mask is one of the only “pore-shrinking” products that works on my gargantuan pores. It’s a fab product, but definitely don’t use it if you use retinol products!


Too Cool For School Caviar Lime Hydra Essential Mask

I’m super-picky when it comes to sheet masks because I can’t stand the sticky feeling texture a lot of them have. This little mask packs a punch but feels so light and hydrating. Caviar limes contain nine types of vitamin C, and the amount totals up to 44 times more dense amount of vitamin C than blueberries, so your skin will love it. This mask has just the right amount of tingle when you’re using it, so you can tell it’s working in a pleasant way. 


Love Dirty Hand Sanitizer

We’ve been washing our hands so much and using so much hand sanitizer that my hands are basically like sandpaper. But I recently found this brand-new hand sanitizer from Love Dirty and I’m obsessed. It’s full of antibacterial and prebiotic ingredients to create a clean formula that cleanses and kills 99.99 percent of germs while also conditioning and balancing the skin’s microbiome. My hands are so much happier using this!


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Author: Samantha Welker

Samantha Welker is the business manager at Glitter Guide. She has an Master's in Corporate Finance & Sustainability from Harvard Business School but prefers working in the creative industry. She also hosts a weekly business podcast for creative women called Pretty Okay Podcast. She loves spending time with her husband and her son, Rocky, in sunny San Diego. Follow along on Instagram