What Taylor Sterling Is Listening To: A Self-Isolation Playlist #1

Like Father, Like Daughter

I’ve officially turned into my dad. Not only do we share abnormally long toes and irritatingly large pores, but we also share an affinity for pop culture and media. A caricature of my dad would undoubtedly have him in his signature headphones (usually one plugged into his ear while the other is tucked in his collar). Even with his half-hearted efforts to stay present with one of his ears, he usually has to be told things a few times before they register. Any free time my dad has, he is listening to something: music, audiobooks, radio programs, and podcasts. He is like a sponge—eager to soak up as much information as he can about the world.

My dad was a marriage and family therapist and then a psychology professor. In the late ’70s, he hosted a radio program based out of Santa Cruz, California. He’s often ahead of the curve with his quirky interests and (sometimes) controversial approach. His radio program was called “Head Job: Radio That Sucks On Your Cortex.” It featured samples of thinkers and visionaries mixed with audio clips from popular culture. Think Jack Kerouac immersed with clips from the movie “Easy Rider.” He also started an Alan Watts program in 1973 that still airs today (although not by him). He’s a pretty cool cat, my dad.



Not surprisingly, I also have a love for media and audio. Although somehow, I had copied his annoying habit of being constantly plugged in without consciously being aware of it. So much so that my husband will come up to me and pull out my one AirPods that I’d forgotten I was wearing. “Too many things to listen to, too little time” is my usual response. It’s gotten worse during self-quarantine. My adored alone time has completely vanished. I had spare time to listen to things while driving the kids to school, cleaning the house, while working is gone. This isn’t a serious issue, but I miss it. I search for little opportunities to plug-in.

In the early morning, I listen to The Daily while drinking my coffee and preparing for work (keep in mind I’m interrupted like 15 times, but hey, that is the new normal for working at-home parents). During family quiet time, I try to listen to 20 minutes of my current audiobook (right now, it’s Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets). Before I shower, I will listen to music (usually accompanied by a little cry). It’s these momentary escapes into my AirPods that are bringing me comfort. I thought I would share them with you in case you’re also looking for some comfort.


Listen List

This isn’t really a playlist exactly. It’s more of a listen list:

Tell me, what are you listening to right now? Please send me a DM! I would love to know.

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Author: Taylor Sterling

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