Our Favorite Online Shops For A Zero-Waste Lifestyle

Wild Minimalist

We know that during the COVID-19 pandemic, your highest priority is taking care of your health and essential needs. Shopping zero-waste may not be something you’re able to do. However, it’s still important to take care of our planet the best we can. There are little steps we can take like: striving to be plastic-free, composting and shopping small. There are a lot of amazing zero-waste shops that have had to close their physical stores because of the pandemic. A great way for us to support them is to order from them online. Here are a few of our favorite online zero-waste shops:

Wild Minimalist: We love this family-owned zero-waste shop based out of San Anselmo, CA. Max and Lily have an eye for beautiful products and their blog is filled with helpful tips and advice for living a zero-waste lifestyle. We love their tips for going zero-waste with children. Their shop is filled with cleaning supplies, bath and beauty, mama and child, kits and more!

Package Free: This is probably one of the more well-known zero-waste shops out there. It was founded by Lauren Singer who also writes the popular blog, Trash Is For Tossers. This is an amazing one-stop shop that has a very cool collection. It has everything from biodegradable scrunchies to a recyclable vibrator! We’re fond of the zero-waste kits, like this one: Lauren’s Essentials.

Well Earth Goods: Based out of Oregon, this family-run business has a wonderful selection of minimalist zero-waste products. We love how simple and easy the website is to navigate. It has all the must-have essentials. This cotton produce storage bag is next on our wish list.

The Wally Shop: This company was founded by Tamara Lim, who grew up in Taiwan where caring for her environment was part of her upbringing. The Wally Shop makes shopping for bulk grocery items feel cool—which why shouldn’t it be?

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Author: Taylor Sterling

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