Our Business Manager Shares Her Week Of Work-From-Home Outfits

It’s funny, even though Taylor and I are both introverts who prefer working from home, we are total opposites when it comes to “getting ready.” For the most part, Taylor will do her hair and makeup, but stay in cozy sweats. Whereas I can go far too many days without washing my hair and definitely never put makeup on if I’m not going anywhere, but I always get dressed. Now, I’m not a sociopath, I don’t wear jeans at home. Everything is very stretchy and flowy. Bike shorts are a girl’s best friend when you’re staying home and alternating between working and chasing a toddler. I like a lot of florals, I’ll throw that out there right now. My work-from-home outfits are budget-friendly, comfortable and definitely all similar to the others because, your girl knows what she likes 😂.


My bedroom gets the worst light, but it will have to work. I love maxi dresses during the week. This one is really soft and feels like a nightgown. If I’m going on a walk or playing outside with my kid, I just throw on a pair of Chucks and I’m good to go. You can tell this is Monday because my hair is actually styled 😂.

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Sometimes your dog refuses to move when you need to take a picture 😂. Also, can you tell that in the 24 hours between these pictures, I broke my iPhone and tracked down a new one? 🤦🏻‍♀️ But I digress. I live in jumpsuits. They are so comfortable and easily styled up and down, and I have this one in two colors! I love wearing a puffy-sleeved tee underneath my jumpsuits for an extra pop of fun. Bonus, this jumpsuit is on sale right now!

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I love this skirt. It’s so soft and flowy and I feel like I should be tending to my sheep on a farm somewhere. These slides from Mohinders are my everyday shoe. If I’m not wearing these, I’m probably wearing sneakers. This is one of my favorite combos when working from home because I’m ready to head out the door should we ever be allowed to leave the house again.

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I can’t go a week without wearing a kimono. I have way more than I’d like to admit. I just love them so much. They give me Stevie Nicks and “Golden Girl” vibes, and that’s all I aspire to be in life. This one is extra fun because it has fringe and gives my kid something to grab on to when he’s chasing me around the room.

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All hail bike shorts. This outfit is probably all of my favorite types of items in one look. Bike shorts ✓. Floral print dress ✓. Sneakers ✓. Ridiculously oversized scrunchie ✓.

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Author: Samantha Welker

Samantha Welker is the business manager at Glitter Guide. She has an Master's in Corporate Finance & Sustainability from Harvard Business School but prefers working in the creative industry. She also hosts a weekly business podcast for creative women called Pretty Okay Podcast. She loves spending time with her husband and her son, Rocky, in sunny San Diego. Follow along on Instagram