What Taylor Sterling Is Listening To In Quarantine #4

Here we are on week 8 (9?) of lockdown. I don’t even know what week it is anymore. All I know is that I haven’t stepped foot into any kind of venue or store since March 6. Crazy! Even for someone like me, who is particularly skilled at staying home, this has been excruciating. It’s forcing me to look at little things I can do each day to bring myself comfort and joy. Often it’s things like reading outside in the warm sunlight, eating a cookie alone in my pajamas at 10 p.m. and listening to a funny audiobook before bed. I hope you are hanging in there. Maybe some of these recommendations will be a delight in your mundane day.


TED Talks Daily – “How Boredom Can Lead To Your Most Brilliant Ideas with Manoush Zomorodi”: This is a topic I’m fascinated by, especially because I’m constantly plugged into things for work (laptop, phone, Kindle, etc.). She talks about how our brains aren’t made to do this constant multitasking. We need downtime and boredom so that our brains can daydream. This is something I’ve been trying to practice more. I turn my phone off early each night. I take a day off my phone completely on the weekends. However, I’m just dipping my toe in. I want to do more. Maybe I don’t need to listen to a podcast on all my walks? I want to feel like I’m leading my example when I tell my kids, “It’s good to be bored. It’s when you will be most creative.”


“Some Things That I Like” read by Lemn Sissay: A beautiful poem about noticing and valuing things that may seem disregardable. I often try to notice the tiny delights in my day; the things that I may not see if I am too preoccupied. I love this idea of taking the time to notice what things we like that may not be considered something worth liking.


“Help Me Make It Through The Night” by Joan Baez: I find Joan very comforting. I have many of her records and find them on rotation often in my home. This one feels fitting for how many people must be feeling during this time.

Work From Home with Nina Simone on Spotify: Spotify is one of my most-used apps. I have that thing playing in the background all day long. If you haven’t seen my playlists, you can listen to them here. I love some of the playlists that come out on Spotify (especially the new wellness section!). This one has all the Nina Simone hits and some of my favorites like, “Feeling Good,” “The Laziest Gal in Town” and “For Myself.”


Wow, No Thank You by Samantha Irby: I’m currently listening to this hilarious audiobook. Samantha’s clever, self-deprecating writing is constantly making me laugh, which is something I truly need right now.

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Author: Taylor Sterling

Taylor Sterling is the founder and creative director of Glitter Guide. When she's not working on all things GG, she can be found reading and sometimes art directing photoshoots for @LolaJayne. She enjoys spending time with her family and eating french fries (not necessarily at the same time, although that's definitely the best combination). Follow her at @TaylorSterling