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I live in two worlds; one is a world of books.” — Rory Gilmore, “Gilmore Girls”

We finally created a book club! After years of hesitating, we decided now was the perfect time. Here at GG, our entire team has a fondness for reading. We’ve been sharing our monthly book list for years! Part of our reluctance was our narrow view that a book club meant we had to host a monthly reading. While this is something we will eventually do, we didn’t want to be beholden to it. Reading is pleasurable because you want to read a book. If you’re asked to read a specific book each month, it can feel forced and daunting. On the flip side, it’s fun to connect with a community about a story and be motivated by them. Our hope is after we have time to connect with you on our shared love of reading, we can decide what books to read together.

Here’s what you can expect when you join our book club. For now, most of the book content will live on Goodreads and our newsletter (read our first chapter here). We also will continue to post book content here on Glitter Guide. Check out our new summer reading list page!

We’ll share what we’re currently reading, what’s on our to-be-read list, fun book resources, interviews, videos and more. We also have a community discussion board that is already turning out to be filled with helpful tips and resources for book lovers.

We’re so excited to get to know you better through our shared love of books! Please send us an email at with any ideas or suggestions you have!

Happy Reading!

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Author: Taylor Sterling

Taylor Sterling is the founder and creative director of Glitter Guide. When she's not working on all things GG, she can be found reading and sometimes art directing photoshoots for @LolaJayne. She enjoys spending time with her family and eating french fries (not necessarily at the same time, although that's definitely the best combination). Follow her at @TaylorSterling