9 Easy Summer Hairstyles That Aren’t A Top Knot

I am very guilty of the everyday top knot. It has a way of making you look “casual chic” with minimal-to-no effort. But this summer, I’m challenging myself and our readers to move beyond the top knot. These 9 easy summer hairstyles will help keep you cool and looking fierce all at the same time.

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A soft, loose ponytail with an oversized organza bow is a romantic way to pull your hair back.


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Hair kerchiefs are going to see a major uptick this summer. It’s a fun, easy way to add an accessory to your look.


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Face-framing mini braids give your style a bit of texture and interest.


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A soft headband is a must during the summer months. Use it with your hair down or pull it up in a messy twist and pull out a few tendrils to frame your face.


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A super-high pony is a fun “I Dream of Jeannie” look with just a hint of ’80s vibes.


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Braided pigtails look stylish and effortless when you keep it loose and unpolished. Braid it about half the way down for a carefree vibe.


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If you have shorter hair, getting it up during warmer months can be tricky. A cute pair of clips can help pull back bangs you’re growing out or just help keep hair off your face.


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If you have long hair, play around with a “bubble” pony. It’s just a regular ponytail sectioned off loosely along the length of your hair. Bonus points if you doctor it up with fun accessories.


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Spice up your pony by swapping out your ponytail holder with a pretty claw clip. This is a great option for those with fine or medium hair.


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Author: Samantha Welker

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