16 Linen Home Finds To Add To Your Space For Summer

Linen is a superior textile—don’t fight me. Linen is a natural, environmentally friendly material. Linen fibers don’t cause skin irritation, redness, itching. Moreover, they contribute to their elimination from the skin. Products made from 100 percent linen are absolutely safe—they can be worn by children, pregnant women, elderly people. It’s also the perfect textile for summer, but we love it year-round. Linen is breathable, allowing air to flow through and encouraging circulation. Linen bedding will warm on cool nights and provide comfort during sleep in any weather.

Linen products also have antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties. They can neutralize the smell of sweat and other odors, which is a must when you are a sweaty human in the summer. But one of our favorite qualities about linen is how durable it is. Linen pieces can cost a little more, but they will last a lifetime, so it’s an investment well worth it. 

Here are the linen home finds we’re incorporating into our homes this summer:

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Linen Pinafore Apron


Linen Duvet Cover and Shams


Belgian Flax Linen Napkin Set


Botanical Prints Framed Linen Wall Art Set


Linen Pillowcases with Button Closure (Available in 17 colors)


Bond Lamp


Farmhouse Linen Placemats (Available in 17 colors)


Summer Cover Blanket (Available in 8 colors)


Table Runner


Linen Sheer Lead Curtain Panel (Available in 5 colors)


Linen Bread Bag


Linen Kitchen Towel


Linen Coasters Set


Yarn-Dyed Linen Weave 3 Seater Sofa (Available in a variety of colors)


Lavender-Filled Eye Pillow


Natural Rough Linen Towel


Shop linen home goods:


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Author: Samantha Welker

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