Vintage Kitchens We’re Inspired By

There are endless ways in which you can decorate a kitchen. You can go the sleek and minimal route, or you can go the way of the maximalist. You can decorate it like a Parisian cafe or go crazy with the backsplash. The retro style of the ’50s is forever a popular trend, or if you’re like me, you lean more toward the natural tones and vibes of ’70s décor. No matter what your style, you can find a ton of inspiration in vintage kitchens. While we might not necessarily adhere to the past generations’ beliefs that women belong in the kitchen, they certainly knew how to decorate them. Here are some of the vintage kitchens we’re inspired by.

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This ’70s kitchen gives me life. From the skylight and hanging plants to the tulip chairs in the corner, it’s vintage kitchen perfection.



This 1951 kitchen is the perfect combination of pastel hues and mid-century staples. Even the line of geraniums on the windowsill are quintessential ’50s.



You could easily look at this kitchen and think it’s from modern day. Yellow was the ultimate choice in the ’60s and early ’70s and this kitchen is perfectly cheery.



If I were single, this is probably what my kitchen would look like. The glossy pink countertops and matching walls paired with the floral curtains and kitchen accents are 1950s perfection.

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Are you a maximalist? You probably love classic ’70s decor. It’s hard not to love the warm tones and funky patterns. I mean, there’s a rattan stool and a beaded curtain, what more could you want?



Two-tone kitchens were a huge design trend in the ’60s. This bubblegum pink and burnt orange combo are perfectly on trend for today. And where do I get my hands on a pink stove?



Last pink kitchen, I promise. But this pastel combo is just too good. The pink cabinets and baby blue walls are what 1959 dreams are made of.


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Author: Samantha Welker

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