What Taylor Sterling Is Loving This Month

In some ways, sharing my monthly favorites has gotten harder: what I use and love I’ve already shared. I’m not trying new products very often. Without anything new to try, I’ve tapped back into my love of consuming art. Not that it ever went away, but without much to distract me, I’ve found art (in all forms) is giving me hope and providing me with experiences I lack elsewhere.




  1. Gap-Toothed Women by Les Banks Films (1987): I’m a part of the Gap-Toothed Women Club (and I wrote about this last year). I recently rewatched this quirky little film that pays tribute to gap teeth and asks women to talk about their experiences and feelings toward this feature. It’s frisky and fun!
  2. Clay Hickson Quarantine Times Screen Print: I’m a huge fan of illustrator, Clay Hickson. His underground zine The Smudge has a ’60s and ’70s vibe, and it donates a portion of its earnings to different worthy causes: Planned Parenthood, LBGTIQ rights, food banks and more. It’s a breath of fresh air during these dark times. I’ve wanted this print he created for The Quarantine Times and finally bought it.
  3. The Seas by Samantha Hunt: This book has been living inside me for the past week. It’s swirling around in my mind, asking me to ponder it again and again. I love it when a book leaves me in limbo like that. I’m not sure what to think, how to feel, how to make sense of it. I appreciate an unexplainable story.
  4. The Entireworld Tank and Underwear Sets: I love everything Entireworld makes. I recently bought a bunch of the tank/undies, and I’ve been wearing them nonstop. It’s my favorite clothing brand right now.
  5. John McLaughlin: I’m so mesmerized by artist and creative director John McLaughlin’s art. I’ve spent a lot of time avoiding work by watching his Instagram videos. It’s worth it.
  6. Golden West Books: Brandon’s collection of vintage books are my dream. His books are what I want my home library to look like.
  7. Shower Speaker: I’ve always wanted a shower speaker, but felt like it was unnecessary. I recently caved and bought one. I have zero regrets!
  8. “Home Again” by Michael Kiwanuka: This song has been on repeat lately (especially in the shower).
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Author: Taylor Sterling

Taylor Sterling is the founder and creative director of Glitter Guide. When she's not working on all things GG, she can be found reading and sometimes art directing photoshoots for @LolaJayne. She enjoys spending time with her family and eating french fries (not necessarily at the same time, although that's definitely the best combination). Follow her at @TaylorSterling