Keep These Houseplants Happy In Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is a great spot for a happy houseplant. We love plants for a variety of reasons, but bringing plants into your bathroom is very beneficial for your overall wellbeing. If you’re worried about humidity from the shower or lack of sunlight, don’t. These houseplants will thrive in your bathroom and look great in the process.


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Orchids actually love humidity, which make them ideal bathroom plants. Try an easier-to-manage variety like phalaenopsis and paphiopedilums, which will all do well with bright, filtered bathroom window light.



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Ferns, especially varieties such as Bird’s Nest Ferns are great bathroom plants. They love the humidity and will also tolerate low light, although they do slightly prefer a medium/bright indirect light location.


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Tillandsia (or Pink Quills)

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One of the many varieties of tillandsias, pink quills are a great bathroom plant and also add a fun pop of color with their bright pink paddle flower. They aren’t too fussy and really only need to be sprayed with water every week or two.



The Monstera plant is a true beauty, and can handle any level of humidity, which makes it the perfect shower companion.


Bird of Paradise

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If you’re looking to make a big impact with your bathroom plants, try bringing in a large bird of paradise plant! It has beautiful large leaves that bring a true tropical vibe to your space.

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Pothos is a plant variety that will thrive just about anywhere, but it truly loves the bathroom. As long as it stays out of direct sunlight and its soil doesn’t dry out, you can create trailing vines or fill your bathroom with beautiful hanging pots. 


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