6 Houseplants You Should Keep In Your Bedroom

We’re big plant people here at Glitter Guide. Real, fake, they’re all great! We’ve covered plants many times here—from the best plants for newbies and the prettiest pink plants to gorgeous indoor hanging plants. Most recently, we discussed plants that are perfect for the bathroom. Now we’re here to tell you about some of the best plants for the bedroom. These plants not only add a beautiful element to a bedroom, but they can also help keep the air clean and can even boost mood.

English Ivy

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English ivy can grow nicely either in pots or hanging baskets. It not only looks nice, but it requires little watering, making this low-maintenance plant perfect for just about anyone who wants to add something extra to their bedroom.



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Jasmine is not only pretty, but its scent might even improve the quality of your sleep. Win-win!


Lucky Bamboo

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This plant prefers moderate light, but can also grow in low-light. It requires a little more maintenance than others, but we still think it’s suitable for the bedroom (and it might even bring good luck, as its name implies!).


Peace Lily

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The peace lily prefers bright light, but can still grow in low-to-moderate light. It also grows best when the soil dries out a little before watering it again, making it perfect for people who tend to forget about watering plants.



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Pothos is super easy to grow, and its shiny, heart-shaped leaves definitely enhance a bedroom’s aesthetic. What’s more, it thrives in moderate to bright light, and requires little watering.


Spider Plant

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One of the best things about the spider plant is its ability to help purify indoor air. It’s also important to note that while this plant requires more attention and maintenance during its first year of growth, it needs less after that.


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Author: Nicole Altavilla

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