What Taylor Sterling Is Listening To #10

We’re approaching our third season of this relentlessly awful pandemic. On the bright side, fall is a preferable season to be stuck inside. I know I’m jumping the gun. Fall is weeks off, and it’s still going to be miserably hot in California for another two months. But I’m eager for all things cozy (You can read about my obsession with being cozy here.). I’m mentally transporting myself—daydreaming of cold, overcast mornings, steaming cups of hot tea before bed, thick, warm socks worn all day long and more opportunities to curl up in bed with a good book. I have to be cautious, though, or I may transport all the way to Christmas!

For now, here is a list of things I’m listening to that are giving me the cozy vibes:


“Cicadia” by David Gilbert — The New Yorker

I mentioned in a recent post, my favorite type of books usually involve nostalgic stories. This short story by David Gilbert for The New Yorker encapsulates so much of what I love in a fictional story: coming-of-age characters, longing, self-discovery and descriptive writing. Gilbert reads the story himself, and I loved it so much I’ve already listened to it three times.

“David Gilbert Reads Samantha Hunt’s Three Days” — The New Yorker

Another Gilbert reading—this one felt almost cosmic in its timing. I just discovered Gilbert and have fallen in love with his writing, and Hunt is my current favorite author. To see Gilbert chose her for his reading for The New Yorker gave me a jolt of excitement. He describes her writing as visceral—that her words sink into him and remain in his body. This is precisely how I feel about her work too.

I mentioned both of these podcasts in my latest newsletter. For more of my recommendations, you can subscribe here.



How To Write an Autobiographical Novel by Alexander Chee

I enjoyed this audiobook. It’s narrated by Daniel K. Isaac, whose voice is calming and alluring. Chee’s storytelling is whimsical and lyrical, but it’s also powerful. I loved the essay, The Rosary. It spoke to my desire to grow a garden (despite many failed attempts). You can read that essay here.



“Cosmos” by Dream Easy Collective

These days, it’s tough for me to concentrate. I hardly have any time alone, and I’m usually being interrupted every few minutes. Sometimes the only way for me to get through writing a post is to plug in my earphones and listen to instrumental music. This song helps calm me down, and it helps me get into a writing flow. The entire album is excellent for background noise.

A few favorite songs:

Endless Love
Pure Imagination
Stella’s Story

From their album Autumn’s End:

now, i see


Blossom Dearie Sings (45th Anniversary Edition)

On long days, I crave the soothing sound of Blossom Dearie’s ethereal, delicate voice (Don’t you love her name?!). Here are a few of my go-tos:

Sunday Afternoon
Somebody New
Baby, You’re My Kind

This one is not on that album, but is maybe my favorite song by her:

‘Deed I Do 

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