What You Need For A Creative Space At Home

For the foreseeable future, most of us are still doing everything-at-home: work, parenting, and school. None of us expected that we would still be in this challenging situation a year later, but this is our reality, and we have to find ways to push forward. By creating a warm, welcoming spot in my home, I do that by chill out, do some work, and get inspired. We’ve talked about creating bliss stations before, but it feels a little silly calling them that right now. That said, I think we all could use more bliss in our day right now. That will look different for all of us. For some, it may be a cozy reading nook; for others, it could be a luscious garden. For me, with limited space and rooms, I’ve made my upstairs hallway into my own personal bliss station. Here are some things you may need to make your own.

creative space at home

Aylin Koenig 

Mid-Century Mini Desk 

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If you don’t have much room for a desk, a mini desk is a great option. We’ve temporarily squeezed one into our bedroom (it’s the only room with a lock on the door, which is essential for parents who have Zoom meetings).

Modern Totem Lamp 

I’m a little insane when it comes to lighting, but I think it’s essential for a productive and creative space at home. Natural lighting is king, but if you have to use artificial lights, go for something stylish and use soft, warm light bulbs.

Herman Miller Aeron Chair 

In the past, I’ve always chosen style over comfort when it comes to my desk chair. These days (and maybe it’s my age, too), I need more support. My husband and I sit a lot at our desks, and we need a chair that doesn’t leave our backs and necks screaming. This ergonomic chair by Herman Miller is a nice combination of support and style.

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Story Bookshelf 

I love being surrounded by books. They’re my biggest source of inspiration and comfort. However, I don’t have a ton of space for the bookshelves I’ve always dreamed of. This bookshelf is a great alternative: super modern and stylish, and it doesn’t take up too much space!

God is Woman Print 

I have way too much artwork in my home. So much that I can’t even hang it all — it’s piling up in all corners of my home. I can’t resist a beautiful print. It transforms a space. You can find amazing pieces that won’t break your bank. I love the selection at Bon Femmes.

A few other additions I love:

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Author: Taylor Sterling

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