Beauty Trends We Don’t Regret Leaving Behind

We’ve all had a beauty habit or two that we regret when we look back at old pictures. And while some beauty trends have a resurgence, there are a few that we would prefer to leave in the dark ages. So we thought it would be fun to ask our team about past beauty trends we embraced in our youth, but are definitely never, ever bringing back.


Brown Lipstick

“When I was in middle school, mud-brown lipstick was all the rage. Specifically, Revlon’s ‘Coffee Bean.’ I wore it every day, along with a matching brown lipliner that I applied in a very haphazard style (like I applied my lipstick in the dark). I don’t think everyone should abandon this color, but for me, it’s best left in the ’90s.” 



Spray Tanning

“I used to do what was called ‘double-dipping’ at the tanning salon. I’d do the max amount of time allowed in the tanning bed, and then jump into the spray tan booth for that extra bronze. I was orange. But you know when you’re a teenager, no one can tell you otherwise. Not only do I regret the skin damage I probably caused with the tanning bed, but there are so many pictures that I just can’t look at anymore without laughing.

Raccoon Eyeliner

“Like Taylor, I also embraced the dark brown lipstick color, except I thought I looked great with only that lip color on and no other makeup. Quite the statement! Later I moved on to ‘raccoon eyes,’ fully ringed eyeliner that never quite hit the lash line. It somehow made my eyes look smaller, but at the time I thought I was super edgy and cool.”



Tanning Salons

“I went to the tanning salon at least once a week with my best friends in high school. I don’t even want to think about the endless amount of damage that I did to my skin, but it was the thing to do. And of course, I followed. And trust me, it didn’t even look good. My skin was a dark orange shade.” 

Full-Face Glam

“For the longest time, I was obsessed with doing a full face of makeup…like every day. I wouldn’t even let my boyfriend see me without makeup. Obviously, this was about a lot more than just a trend, but as an admirer of all things beauty, I couldn’t help but put on a full face. Now, I rarely wear makeup or I go for a natural look, and I don’t care!” 

Crunchy Curls

“When I was younger, I had no idea how to work with my hair. I’d usually put it through a straightener or worse…shove a handful of gel in there, finish off with hairspray, and hope for the best. Needless to say, I will NEVER be doing that again.”



Extremely Shiny Lips

“I loved my Lancôme Juicy Tubes glosses in college, and honestly, the glossier and shinier, the better. I still love lip gloss, but definitely a much more toned-down shine than in the past and far less sticky.” 

Zig-Zag Hair Part

“The zig-zag hair part was all the rage during my high school years, and I totally bought into it. I sported that look everywhere, including at least one prom.”

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Author: Samantha Welker

Samantha Welker is the business manager at Glitter Guide. She has an Master's in Corporate Finance & Sustainability from Harvard Business School but prefers working in the creative industry. She also hosts a weekly business podcast for creative women called Pretty Okay Podcast. She loves spending time with her husband and her son, Rocky, in sunny San Diego. Follow along on Instagram