How My Self-Care Routines Have Changed For The Better Since Lockdown

Ever since lockdown began last March, I found myself with a lot of spare time that I hadn’t realized even existed. I wanted to fill it with only positive acts. I wanted to build healthy routines and embrace the little things. It was important for me to make it part of my “escape” route; to do something to temporarily alleviate the pressure and take my mind off things.

I took this challenge that I presented to myself seriously. And, I also took a lot of pleasure in taking care of myself. One year later, everything has changed.

Embracing CBD

The CBD industry is alive, well and definitely booming. For good reason, too. As someone who has health with anxiety, depression and chronic pain, one of the most incredible moments in my life includes discovering the benefits that CBD and hemp have had on my mental and physical wellbeing.

Most of my career has been spent behind my laptop, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. However, my hands don’t feel the same, nor does my back. I love to use topical creams and balms on my hands when they start getting very stiff, or on the days they just plain hurt. I’ve been using No, Thank You’s A Cream For Relief and Qemp’s Relief CBD Cream. They especially help on those hard-to-sleep nights.

Little Indulgences

I find a lot of joy in the little things, and it’s made my outlook on just about everything so much more positive. I implement this kind of thinking into my beauty and skincare routines through my mix of high and low essentials, and luxury-like elements. I’ll turn my shower into a quickie spa while destressing and degunking pores, simultaneously.

Whether it’s by lighting an aromatherapy candle or just adding some essential oil into my shower, scent plays a huge role in my day. My nose takes note and leads my mood. I’ve especially been indulging in hand creams. I like to keep them at my desk and apply them throughout the day. I use my hands so often, and it’s kind of my way of treating them kindly.

Minimizing My Arsenal

When it comes to beauty, I turned to the idea of less being more. Prior to the pandemic, I was inundated with various products from countless new launches. Being one of the first people to be able to test out and review new beauty and skincare products is one of my most cherished career perks. However, there are so many new launches, it can be hard to keep up.

It became way too much product for one person to try, so I donated everything and minimized my entire arsenal to only include products that I love. Starting with just a few products that I’ve loved over the years reminded me of what I used to love about the simplicity of holding onto just a few key products.

Clean And Natural Beauty

I’ve been paying much more attention to the ingredients in my skincare routine than ever before. I had a bad experience when mixing two serums, and realized that my skin was irritated from using similar formulas with ingredients that didn’t play well together. It made me realize how important it is to know what exactly you are putting on your face, and that I didn’t need all of the products I was using.

Instead of putting on a full face of glam like I used to, I’ve taken a lot more pleasure in simple looks. Whether I’m getting ready for a Zoom meeting, or heading out to run weekend errands, I’ve been keeping my beauty routine quite minimal. Thanks to my strict skincare routine (mild toner, exfoliating pads, serum, eye cream, moisturizer, and sometimes a face oil for my dryer days), I’ve come to like and enjoy my natural skin.

My beauty routine has been minimal and focused. I usually always fill in sparse areas in my brows. They help frame my face. You can always see my dark circles, so on the bad days, I’ll pat on a medium coverage, brightening concealer to help me look more awake on camera. If I’m not wearing my glasses, I’ll pat a little highlighter on my cheeks as well, and call it day.

Showing Myself Kindness

These days, it’s easy to forget to stop and slow down. We are so much more prone to stressors right now, and it’s important to treat ourselves with kindness. I like to use my routines to ‘treat’ myself with those much-needed self-love moments. Slow down and be more cognizant of these moments. I love to journal morning and night; it helps me get my thoughts together and reflect on my day.

For me, routines make me feel comfortable. I take joy in going through the motions with a little purpose.


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Author: Wendy Vazquez

Wendy is the Editorial Assistant here at the Glitter Guide. She has a background in PR and marketing, but her true passion is editorial. She enjoys all things beauty and lifestyle.