8 Books To Read When You Feel Like You’re Languishing

If you read The New York Times‘s article on “languishing” recently, you know there’s a word for what many of us are feeling amidst this pandemic. Described as “the neglected middle child of mental health,” languishing can dull your motivation and focus and leave you feeling…blah. When we need a burst of inspiration, we find ourselves turning to books. So if languishing sounds like the exact word for what you’re feeling, give one of these books a read.

books for languish

Add these books to your TBR pile:

The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down by Haemin Sunim

The demands of everyday life can be exhausting and we can often lose perspective, especially in a pandemic. Haemin Sunim brings readers back to the basics: be kind to others, treat yourself with compassion, don’t dwell on the negative. These simple yet powerful truths will leave you feeling lighter and reset your perspective.


How To Do The Work: Recognize Your Patterns, Heal From Your Past + Create Your Self  by Dr. Nicole LePera

Known as “The Holistic Psychologist,” Dr. Nicole LePera uses her manifest to help you create a more authentic, vibrant and joyful life. Full of psychologically based tools and support, this book will guide you through breaking free from destructive behaviors and reclaim your life.

Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse

This is a classic novel about self-discovery. It accounts one man’s spiritual journey to enlightenment. Although many of the themes of this book are Buddhist in nature, the message is universal and very powerful for anyone who is trying to find themselves.

The Power of Now: A Guide To Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle

In this book, Echkart Tolle portrays the importance of being present despite the mind’s desire to be anywhere but now. There is a natural reluctance for people to completely realize the power the present moment has, especially when we’re in an upside down time in our lives like a pandemic. Tolle does an exemplary job of weeding through the clutter that the mind can create, thoroughly detailing how each person has the ability to enjoy the present moment. This ability will lead to a much more fulfilling and meaningful life, showing that sometimes the simplest idea, such as living in the now, can lead to the most powerful results.

The Little Book of Big Lies by Tina Lifford

If you’re not a fan of “rah-rah” self-help books, you’ll love this book by actor and author Tina Lifford. Through 14 personal stories, she shares groundbreaking insight into self-care, emotional intelligence and self-discovery in a way that is actionable and realistic.

Outer Order Inner Calm by Gretchen Rubin

This small book is full of strategies and tips to help rid your life of the outside clutter that’s keeping you from feeling in control of your inner life. Gretchen Rubin is best known for her research of human nature and how we can use what we know to better our lives. In her previous books, she’s explored how outer order can create more happiness to our lives, and in her newest book she provides concrete ways to bring about that outer order.

Coming Home To Yourself by Osho

Sometimes before we can improve our outer lives, we need to work on our inner selves. That often starts with being intentional and “at home” with ourselves so we can let those go for a better sense of wellbeing. With colorful illustrations throughout, these meditations are perfect to pick up whenever you need a little bit of calm.

I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou 

There’s a reason why this coming-of-age story by Maya Angelou is such a beloved classic. She was lost and experienced so much heartache at a young age. This book teaches you a lot about perseverance and overcoming adversity as a reader simply by observing Angelou confront her own life with such grace.


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Author: Samantha Welker

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